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Feb 1, 2024 - Feb 28, 2024

Kick My Asana - 28 Day Yoga Challenge

  • 28Days
  • 31Steps


Spring’s when we begin to sprout and our energy turns towards the sun again. February is a perfect time to work in harmony with your body's natural energy and desire for new things. Integrating a lifestyle change at this time is next to Godly. You’re motivated and you have power. After the new year, most resolutions to create a healthy new you fizzle out because the season is not in alignment with our energy. That’s not to say that you can’t begin and maintain a new routine in the deep of winter when everything is resting, I’m just saying it’s a lot harder. When Spring is on its way, the ground’s beginning to thaw, the snow is melting to water and the days are becoming longer. Nature showing us that she’s ready to wake up. Beginning and committing to a new lifestyle during this time is like the heavens opening and Gods smiling down on you. You’re blessed with the power of cyclical energy to commit to new things and make big changes (think a seed becoming a plant, then becoming a flower).February is when the sun begins to return and nature wakes up from a long slumber of contemplation and rest. Moving your body is one of the best ways to improve your mood, health, and cultivate greater presence in your day to day life. That’s exactly what this challenge is all about. No magic. No wizardry. Just 28 days of yoga practices built for any time and any location, no equipment needed. Watch the videos, and let's get moving!

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