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Higher Vibes

welcome home

a feminine and intuitive approach to reconnecting with your inner voice and finding meaning in everyday life


a pratyahara practice

A practice that dissolves the sense of sight to bring you closer to your truth


the whisper

A meditative journey back to your wisdom temple. A reunion with intuition. 


the intentional undoing

You are in co-creation of this life

Move through what's stopping you and create from a place of purpose


Pratyahara ~ conscious withdrawal of the senses

go into your senses, back to your body. 

No visual comparisons - only audible cueing,, you and your body. Your sensations, your needs, your desires. 

Everything you need, you receive from you. 

A Restorative Yoga practice paired with the spiritual practice of Yoga Nidra



To Go Within

Removing sight from your would you feel, move and be? 


It’s a different experience for us to remove our comparative sense of sight. What would your shapes look and feel like, if you felt your way into them?

RETREAT is a restorative yoga class, with no visual prompts, paired with the spiritual practice of Yoga Nidra 


A return home through the inner senses and self reliance.


Feel your way through this practice with love and devotion for what feels right for you. 

Have you always wanted to try yoga, but weren’t sure you would do it right?


What if you just heard the words and felt info the shape? What if there was no wrong or right - just a sense of feeling good? 


In this 4 practice series, you’ll be guided into nourishing shapes using only words and truly become your own teacher. You’ll stop where it feels good with no need to look around, this is the true practicing of leaning into you. 


A sensual, intimate yoga with self 


Mindset: seeking your inner teacher. on the pursuit of higher awakening. releasing ego. embracing spirit

Body: healthy, mobile, able. If you are practicing injured, you are doing so with discretion, love, compassion and at your own risk

Spirit: surrendering to the wisdom of consciousness. releasing ego and the desire to do and be more. gratitude for this moment

Disclaimer: These practices are designed for healthy functioning bodies and are to be practiced at your own discretion. The truth behind this program is in getting to know your body mind and spirit. We are here to nurture compassion and truth - this means not pushing beyond where you are comfortable and using support in your practice as you would or should in life. By choosing to become a part of RETREAT you agree that you are willing, able and understand that you are your own guide. You take responsibility for your health and safety while part of the program RETREAT and release Melanie Dawn of any and all liabilities.




A meditative guide to unlocking the language of your intuition and energy body

The most important thing you can do to increase your intuition, is to increase awareness. When you increase your awareness, you become more in tune with your intuition’s unique language.


Through awareness, you train your body and mind to understand how your intuition speaks to you. When you know how it communicates, your relationship becomes very intimate, reliable and accurate


There is something innate in you. An inner knowing, an inner voice. We could call this our grandmothers’ mothers voice. The most primal knowing. You’ve felt it. You’ve definitely known it. The voice that we hear, the language that it speaks, comes to us all differently. In this meditative inquiry, you are being called to reunite in the most loving way towards what you know. The connection has always been with you. 


It’s time we turn to it. It’s time we come home to the endless well of infinite connection. 




We hold the wisdom of our mothers, grandmothers and our grandmothers mothers. You hold the power of feminine intuition. It’s always been there. We can feel separate from our intuition. It can happen from trauma, societal conditioning and the consistent overturning of intuition through logic or the mind. Re-building the bridge of trust that bypasses the mind, takes you to the heart of your power. The seat of your feminine wild.


Join me on this journey as we explore the intuitive energy body through guided meditation and journaling. You know the way, I will guide you to the place where you can find it. 



4 Guided Meditations with Intuition prompts

Each Meditation includes:

Blended relaxation techniques to increase connection to consciousness

Awareness of self

A meditative map back to your inner knowing

In this 4 practice meditation series, Melanie builds the confidence you need to access your own inner knowing and brings you back to the truth of who you are

Already Registered?


Designed By Spirit

A self study program designed to lift the veil of limiting beliefs and increase your awareness of self. 

Do you notice repeating patterns in your life? You make efforts to change them but the old seems to slowly creep back in over time. Limiting beliefs are built into the body, they are responsive, reactive, unaware. They are not striving for growth and freedom. They like the safety of who you are and not what you can become. 


How do you unlock this patterned thinking? There are many tools for realizing mindset success and in this program we explore the fundamental ones that have changed my life. 


This is self-study. Meaning that you have to do the work. Set a schedule, make time to complete the work. Notice when you are making excuses and set new standards for yourself. 



here's what you get! 

3 module workbook that you can complete at your own pace (recommended time to take is 4 weeks)

Empowering tools for mindset mastery

Alignment practices





Everything about Melanie is beautiful! She is amazing at her work and a talented teacher and guide!

J.B. Okotoks, Alberta

Melanie is the most genuine and warm soul you will ever meet. I've had several intuitive reiki sessions with her and can not gush enough about her! She has a beautiful and welcoming space and makes you feel so comfortable. I have referred many friends and family to visit her and would proudly continue. 
Melanie- you have a true gift and you are a lovely human being!!

S.W. Calgary, Alberta

Melanie is an absolutely incredible person in many, many ways. If you get the chance, I would HIGHLY recommend taking part in any of her offerings or guidances. In all of her beautiful teachings that I have had the pleasure of experiencing, Melanie makes you feel special, cared for, and at home. 

This lady is truly something special, and it would be a big loss to not experience her gifts. Check this amazing individual out

S.S. Calgary, Alberta
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