Becoming Your Dream

We’ve all been there — waking up, literally or figuratively, to an idea that is so effing awesome you can’t wait to share it. The fire in your belly is lit and you are vibrating with energy. But, then comes the implementation of this amazing, profound, creative idea and all of a sudden we start talking ourselves out of what we once felt inside our soul as “the calling” or at least a piece of the calling. Our friends aren’t excited, the process is too long, the list starts compounding in reasons why not. We let the outside world start to snuff our inner fire.

This is the dialogue of limiting beliefs. We are pre-programmed to resist change and we are hard wired to avoid rejection.

If you have a spark inside you with an idea behind it, don’t wait until it’s perfect to start sharing it. Do it now. Put it into play until it becomes a well oiled machine. We don’t all start out in the place where we want to end up. Getting there takes effort and it takes being rejected, not everyone is going to see how brilliant the idea or offering is. That is simple math. Not everyone will like what you are doing. They don’t have to. You’re doing this for the creative passion that is an integrated part of your being. We are dualistic opposing forces inside one physical body. A side of us that craves to be seen and to contribute to the wellbeing of society and a side of us that is scared to step up and put ourselves out there to be rejected. It is always the voice of rejection that seems to play the loudest when we first start following our gut instinct to be of service.

Here are 5 simple things I do to avoid my limiting beliefs and fears from holding me back of sharing magic with my community.

1. I take away my power or ownership in the situation. I am a channel of creative energy, a passage way for creativity to flow. We may feel like these are our original ideas but they are gifts from the universe. We can put them into practice or let them move along to someone who will. Read — The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert if you ever need a kick in the patootie.