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We Have Been Begging For Change

The lives that we were living, the pace that we were running, left us feeling disconnected, ungrounded and disappointed.

We were/are fearful. We already had the fear before this pandemic arrived on our door. The news that was forced into our lives from all the social platforms we visit and share from, seeped into the nervous system and created a generator of fearful living.

Look at your Facebook. Many people were distancing themselves already because of the platform's support in spreading fear and unfounded news from uncredited sources. Through this pandemic, we are learning to sharpen our palette to what is and is not fact driven and where we can look to find information. We are relearning how to consciously consume what supports us.

At the peak of Trump's run for President, we became accustomed to the word Fake News. This has only been perpetuated since. We became thoughtless consumers of information that was sensational, but not factual. We became zombies to the fake news apocalypse, very willingly.

Our children are growing up in a time where they can easily access any information they desire. Their task now is in filtering and sifting through, using their intelligence, credible sound sources of information that benefit and not steal from our society.

We are in a time where social distancing from the media is the only way to maintain a sane mind. If we become absorbed with every source of reporting during this pandemic, our nervous system is likely to implode. We are being called to become more conscious. Conscious of what we write, read and share with our community. We are a collective that is working together to fight against an invisible enemy and we're doing it!

That's the exciting thing about this, we have all locked virtual elbows and are refusing to let anything through. We are showing up as one.

Good bye fake news, eyelashes, nails, brows, lips and good bye fake relationships. We are coming out of this thing REAL.

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