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Reiki Level 1

Self Healing

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Your Gifts Matter

And the world needs you to feel this way


We need more people who KNOW, UNDERSTAND and EMBRACE gifts like yours 

We need humans who COURAGEOUSLY own who they are





level 1

In First Degree, the intention is to understand how to work with our own energy, open the channel of Reiki and use this medicine in pursuit of your own self-healing journey.

The Reiki attunements are a gentle opening of your channel to life force energy (Reiki), and an invitation for you to begin your individual path of healing. 

Does this mean that you have to become a “healer”?

That answer is different for everyone.  

If you feel the call to serve, you’re in the right place 


There are also many people who use Reiki just for them, and you're in the right place, too

Reiki provides a foundation for your self-care practices, giving you the feeling of being both grounded and connected AT THE SAME TIME

Self-Reiki shifts the vibration of the physical and energetic bodies bringing the feeling of peace and calm - something so many of us crave.

Benefits Of Intuitive Reiki Level 1

Grounding Techniques, Practices and Prayers

Aura, Chakra and Energy Body Wisdom

Energy Protection

Empowered Intuition

Nervous System and Emotional Regulation

Increased Self Love, Confidence In Your Gifts

Establish Energetic and Intentional Boundaries

Certification For Yourself or Create A Business Of Your Own!

Reiki is a magical gift that can be used to bring about positive changes in your life. By using Reiki, you can increase your intuition and understanding of the world around you. In addition, Reiki can help you to serve your community, family, and friends with greater ease and success. Reiki can be a powerful tool for providing encouragement in times of need. With regular practice, you can become more connected to the flow of energy around you, and consequently more in tune with the needs of others.

Being able to to deepen and trust your relationship with intuition 


Being able to heal yourself, children, pets, friends and family

Building a business and earning a good income while still serving others

You Have A Beautiful Gift. 

 This training is for anyone being called to Reiki

The call to arrive here is potent and real.


The Universe communicates to us in inklings, knowings and serendipitous moments.


If you’re here, I think it’s safe to say, you heard the call.

Everything you need is already inside you. 

If you feel like you're not a "typical" energy healer, good.  You have a calling to serve those who are not interested in what is typical.

Reiki is the foundation of my teachings and I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. It gave me the courage and confidence to explore all of who I am. I remembered that I have a purpose and this opened my heart to explore what that was.


Melanie has profound knowledge in her teachings.


She adds her own authentic perspectives that makes it even that much more alluring, captivating and relatable.

Even though the training was over Zoom and not in person, Melanie has a sensational gift of making you feel like she is sitting right next to you.


The energy she emits and radiates is something that must be experienced. 

Mel’s entire presence is felt deeply, and her spoken words are proof of magic.


With the upmost gratitude, I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone & everyone

Step Out Of The

Spiritual Closet 

Online Self Paced Trainings Available When You Are

Wanting To Go All The Way?

There & Back Bundles

My There & Back Reiki Bundle is the perfect way to take your Reiki practice from beginner to master.


This comprehensive bundle includes all the trainings and certifications needed for you to progress from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master/Teacher, giving you a clear path to follow to reach your goals.


With the There & Back Reiki Bundle, you can get started on your journey of self-discovery and healing and save money in the process.


Work At Your Own Pace

Online Level 1

Complete in your time and space

Mentorship from an experienced practitioner via e-mail and voice notes for any questions not answered in the programming

Unlimited access to current programming and any updates added

Access to to a community of other healers

Still Have Questions?




As a newbie to Reiki, and someone who doesn't love online learning, I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to follow, kept me engaged throughout, and a ton of valuable information. I appreciate the straight forward way Melanie speaks and her down to earth nature shines through. Would definitely recommend!

Carey B.


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