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From Asleep to Aware

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An integrated training for soul seekers, teachers and self study

Rapid Physical Healing

Yoga Nidra
a sacred wisdom practice that works with

Liberated Inner Dialogue

Limiting Beliefs

Spiritual Evolution

Less Inner Judgement

Newfound Joy


Less Self Doubt

Heightened Learning States

Conscious Reconstruction

What Is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a meditative technique that penetrates the layers of self from the seat of witness allowing you to see yourself from an outside lens. (What others can see that you don’t, answering questions like “why does this always happen to me”)


Yoga Nidra is a practice that’s noted scientifically for its physical restorative and healing benefits, but it is SO MUCH MORE.


It is the portal to Spiritual Awakenings, uncovering limiting beliefs, re-patterning emotional responses, and shifting the lens of our individual perspective to a united consciousness.


The Path of the Teacher


The Path of the Student


About your Teacher

About Your Teacher

I knew from my first Yoga Nidra training that this was not my "first'' experience with Yoga Nidra. Learning and practicing nidra felt like a homecoming. I was instantly pulled into understanding the practice and have immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra through practical application, teachings, and the channel of infinite wisdom. This practice has completely changed my life and became a calling for me to share.


As your guide, I offer my knowledge and intellect of yogic studies, and energetic teachings, as well as my open channel to the Universal Spirit. I deeply feel like this training is the culmination of all my studies as an Intuitive, Yoga Teacher, Coach and Mentor.

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My deep connection to the practice of Yoga Nidra began at a time when I believed I had healed what was haunting me.
I thought I had tackled all my ghosts, and was coming into this practice whole. What began to unravel, as I dove deeper and deeper into the practice, was the understanding that I didn't need to run from these things that I was so ready to leave behind. I opened my heart to a relationship with the darkest and deepest parts of me, and these soon turned into a transformational compass guiding me towards my pure essence and inner knowing. 

This is not a "feel good" practice, although it is frequently delivered in that style, this is the practice that will safely hold you as you explore the truth of who you are. It will turn the light towards what is yet to be healed, it will open your connection to Source, and the doorway to SPIRIT. 

When you're ready - this is a profoundtransformational Journey

Who Is This For?

Teachers who are:

Ready to elevate their teaching + knowledge

Desire to connect students to deeper experiences

Increase their knowledge of yogic wisdom

Wanting to go online and still be impactful

Creating safe spaces for students to explore their

True Essence

Looking for their unique niche with a high rate of return on investment