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an integrated training for soul seekers, teachers and self study


Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

How This Training Changed My


I was a failure

I'd left my marriage, and I didn't know why.


Incredibly detached from my feelings,

I didn't know how to feel. 

My biggest struggle was in love.


I couldn't seem to make it work.

Rinse, Wash, Repeat

Seemed to be the story of my life.


I was overlooking how important I was in my own story 


It was my programming and beliefs.

It was the way I saw the world, and saw myself, that needed to be rewritten.


There wasn’t anything unlucky, or inherently wrong about me at all (of course!)


Once I had access to my fundamental programming, I was able to rewrite my story and change the lens of which I looked at my life through.


I wasn’t afraid anymore.

I didn't feel like I needed to be punished, or suffer.


I didn't need to feel weird about who I was, or the deep longstanding SHAME of what I was.


I stepped into trusting myself.


I began to build my life the way I wanted it to be.


I rewrote the thinking that told me I needed to be afraid, and that it could never be me that stood at the front.


I took over the captain of the ship. 


You can, too.


So much love and expansion to you, 


is a mentorship-based teacher training, designed to elevate your understanding of the practice, activate your authentic voice within, freeing your delivery as a guide to emerge from the wholeness of your inner teacher 

If you plan to teach, this is for you
If you are seeking Spirit, this is for you
If you long to remember your wholeness, this is for you


Spiritual Teachings


Limiting Beliefs & Wounds

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My deep connection to the practice of Yoga Nidra began at a time when I believed I had healed what was haunting me.


I thought I had tackled all my ghosts, and was coming into this practice whole. What began to unravel, as I dove deeper and deeper into the practice, was the understanding that I didn't need to run from these things that I was so ready to leave behind. I opened my heart to a relationship with the darkest and deepest parts of me, and these soon turned into a transformational compass guiding me towards my pure essence and inner knowing. 

This is not a "feel good" practice, although it is frequently delivered in that style, this is the practice that will safely hold you as you explore the truth of who you are. It will turn the light towards what is yet to be healed, it will open your connection to Source, and the doorway to SPIRIT. 

When you're ready, this is a profound, transformational journey 

who is this for? 

The teachers and the non-teachers

The one who longs for a compass

The one who's passionate about healing
The one that's on the path of self discovery

The one who wonders what it would be like to use their voice in service of their community

The one who is open to exploring consciousness 

The one who is committed to the practice and its teachings

This is for you, as you uncover the truth of your Being


An open mind and heart

A curiosity to explore states of consciousness

A desire to understand our core wounding and limiting beliefs

For Teachers Seeking Certification: 

Teachers seeking Yoga Alliance Continuing Education credits must be already registered with Yoga Alliance as a Yoga Teacher

***Please note it is not a requirement to be a Yoga Teacher to take this training***

what will I walk away with?

A deep understanding of Yoga Nidra, sequencing and theming through 3 modules of powerful teachings

A relationship with the power of your voice and inspired courage

Your Sankalpa derived through inner excavation

Understanding States of Consciousness and brain states

Understanding of embodiment and how the Koshas influence our reality

Understanding of emotional re-patterning

Using music as a tool

Sample Yoga Nidra scripts to use and modify

Mentorship during the training to develop your voice and seat as a teacher

50 Yoga Alliance CE credits to accredited yoga teachers

This training includes practice teaching and discussion, demonstration and lecture. Participants will finish the training with the encouragement to step into the power of their voice, offer their teachings in a way that is in alignment with the calling of your heart. 

All modules will be live teaching delivered online, with an invite to a private Facebook group to encourage connection and support throughout the training

You will also receive, The Portal - Yoga Nidra Teacher Training manual


To begin, fill out this registration form below
Space is limited to ensure attention and engagement
Teacher Certification $988 (3 weekends)
Student $688 (2 weekends)

Flexible payment plans are available,
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 and I'll be in touch

January 22 & 23 : 830-430pm MT
February 5 & 6 : 830-430pm MT
March 5 & 6 : 830-430pm MT

•••Attendance for Certification is strongly encouraged
as we work 
together in group (especially Module 3),
and ask questions that will prompt deeper inquiry•••

There will be 2 hours of homework between modules 2 and 3

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Yoga Nidra Resource


I just wanted to share with you how impactful your teachings have been in this training. I knew without a doubt that this training was important for me to take (I think I had signed up & had the confirmation email in my inbox within 5 minutes of it being announced!) I appreciate your style of teaching that is not simply follow a manual page-by-page. Diving into the practice of nidra for me, began as a physical practice, and has now deepened into self-discovery & growth. This has been a transformational few months. I know this will be life changing for anyone who experiences it, whether or not they plan on teaching. There is magic here.
Tamara R.

Mel, I was attracted to your energy, your story, your journey to self discovery and healing when I was struggling with another blowout I created! My interest in this course was driven by craving balance within and you spoke directly into my heart when I needed it most. I knew I needed to grow in my limiting beliefs because my reactions told me I hadn't conquered them. There is strength knowing we have the capability and know how to dig and heal with the practice of Yoga Nidra. Thank you for sharing your knowledge & passion for yoga nidra!
Christie C.

Yoga Nidra encourages me to create a time & space for myself. Life can be so busy that we forget to devote time to true self care. Being able to be fully present helps with my anxiety, improves my mood, & helps me to sleep better.

To me, yoga Nidra means healing. It means putting in real work. Every session is different. Sometimes it’ll be light & easy, & other times it will be dark & deep. I’ve found both are so important in their own ways. I’ve also learnt from this practice that there’s no need for judgment. I need to stop walking into situations with an idea in my mind, & just know that everything is perfect, just the way it is, even if it’s not what I “wanted”. Like everything else, you have to put in true effort in order to really benefit from this practice. Yoga Nidra encourages positive self-thoughts, clearer goals, & a more peaceful foundation. I believe EVERYONE could benefit from this practice
Kayla F.

I am so grateful for learning the practice of Yoga Nidra. I feel I have been awakened to my life.

I have the tools with the courage to show up to play on this field called life. 

Cynthia F.

The Yoga Nidra course guided by Melanie was very transformational. You can go from beginner to teacher over the course of 3 months with the information and confidence you gain through this course. Melanie provides so much support and knowledge. She creates a sisterhood between the group which was a very powerful experience! So much care and detail went into creating this course and I highly recommend this course to EVERYONE. I believe everyone should be integrating this practice for personal growth

Kayla F.

The Portal Yoga Nidra training is hands down one of the best trainings I have ever done. Not only did I do a lot of work on myself, but the content and the way Melanie Dawn presents it was engaging and interesting. I am so thankful to have found Melanie and this training. I would recommend this training to anyone, whether you want to teach or not. The self discovery alone is more than worth it.

Thank you so much, Melanie!

Angela M.

Enrolling in this training truly shifted my life path to a higher stage of evolution. When I first heard the announcement of the training, I was immediately interested because I adore anything Melanie offers and knew it would be impactful. I am not a yoga teacher, although I do have experience guiding meditation. My intention was to deepen my skills as a meditation teacher and offer teachings that had the power to shift limiting belief systems. 


As the training began, I had no Yoga Nidra practice and hadn’t yet clicked with the practice. In the 3 day period of the first weekend of the training, I was quickly converted to a Nidra fanatic. I knew something had shifted within me as I returned to my daily life after the first training weekend, but I didn’t know what - that’s the power of the subconscious! As the weeks passed, my reactions, behaviours and impulses morphed to align with my Sankalpa with very little conscious effort. Now, 3 months after first beginning a regular Nidra practice alongside the training, my consciousness has totally evolved and I owe this transformation to the practice of Yoga Nidra. 


Melanie’s teachings were profound and thoroughly educational. She paced the training such that nobody was left behind and there was tons of time allowed for integration. This training challenged me with the perfect level of discomfort to challenge my limited belief systems and uplevel to beliefs that serve me. Her nurturing energy holds space for the entire experience as a student while also gently pushing them to face their resistance. 


I’m truly grateful for this experience and am so excited to teach in the near future!

- Whitney R.