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Rise Rooted - Morning Yoga Nidra

  • 3dagar
  • 3steg


Rise Rooted is a 3 day series of yoga nidra introducing you to the powerful healing benefits that beginning a day with yoga nidra holds. Increase consciousness by training your awareness to hold attention in the present moment. When you develop the skill to be present, peace and harmony begin to flow in life. While nidra is not used as a fix-all practice, it teaches you how to remain aware and present through the highs and lows of being human. It teaches you how to become curious and through the lens of curiosity we are more open and receptive to what is, releasing control of what we have no control over. Want to become a consciousness guide? The Portal - Yoga Nidra Training is open for enrolment both online and in person. Please check events for upcoming dates

Du kan också gå med i programmet via mobilappen.





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