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My philosophy

We choose the life we have.


By mastering the mind, you have the power to influence your external environment and live a life that inspires and connects you to your purpose. 

As humans, we are influenced heavily by the subconscious mind. The part of the mind that is the keeper of conditioned thinking and patterned behaviours, our reactive selves. 


When you choose to live more consciously, you are in a proactive and less reactive state and your world reflects this. 


Meditation, Movement, Mindset

Those are my passions.


about me

Melanie Dawn


I was on a yoga mat in the middle of a hot yoga room, paralyzed - asking myself - what now?

I was at the end of an awful, soul crushing relationship, I so readily volunteered for. Tears streaming down my face. I felt so unworthy. This compounding the end of my marriage years earlier, the release of the business we built and the loss of all of my dreams.

I am blessed with two incredible young men, and, I have always wanted to be strong and resilient for them but, I really needed to figure out what I wanted. I needed to start listening to the silence.

What do I love? Over and over, I asked myself that question.

Holy shit. It’s this. This is what I love to do. Right here, on my yoga mat. That’s my favorite place to be.


Ok, I know. It’s cliche. But, it’s cliche for a reason.

I found myself there. I was brave enough to listen to myself there.

I enrolled in a yoga teacher training and the rest is history.

I found my calling through Yoga Nidra under the guidance of Tanis Fishman, who’s fascination and knowledge surrounding limiting beliefs had me enchanted. This was it. This was my journey.

What I came to discover was, I was punishing myself. I was punishing myself for what I saw as me being a total failure. I was a let down. I deserved nothing more than heartache and misery and it was clearly reflected in all my choices. Whoa.

So, you mean, I’m actually creating this life? So, that means...I can change it?

Yes. So much yes! My self worth was at an all time low. I fill with sorrow for some of the moments when my heart was at its weakest. Those broken moments though, those are what build us. These moments are what grow us into incredibly compassionate human beings. Without the depth of these lows, we could never understand. These lows are what remove us from judgment and sit us right there next to our people.

It’s been a path of self discovery, teachings and trainings that have landed me here. But most of all, it’s the tough lessons. The ones I thought I would never recover from, those are what gave me my purpose.

My purpose to stand along side you, cheer you on, offer you support and reconnect you to you, during your times of success, struggle and change.

Why? I love watching women remember how freakin powerful they are. It’s a natural high. Seriously - witnessing women crush limiting beliefs is so inspiring and brings me an insane amount of joy. That’s my why.

In awe, always.




Purpose Driven Coaching

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Master/Teacher Usui Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Nidra and Limiting Beliefs Guide 

Yin Yoga Teacher

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