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Healing occurs when the body, mind and spirit are ready. It is my goal to facilitate this by providing a confidential and comfortable place to allow this shift.  By pursuing a deeper connection with my own innate wisdom, what was once a natural gift, has become a reliable source of infinite wisdom, linking the stories held inside the body with the awareness and transformational power of the mind 


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Melanie Dawn

From My Heart to My Sleeve

It is my mission to re-establish connection from the mind back into the heart.  To seat the soul inside of the body and find mindfulness in everyday living. By marrying the practice of Yoga with heart-centered intuition, I humbly offer the experience of connection. 


Re-establishment of connection from the mind back into the heart - it is my calling to use the catalysts and teachings of my own journey to inspire those around me to lead a life that is heart-centered and breath-aware, to become unmoved from the seat of their soul, despite the fluctuating weather outside, to remain at peace.  To find balance. To find love. 


Love has been romanticized over the course of time but there is no truer love than that which flows through you when you are in this moment, when you wear your body, when you breathe into your body. In heartfelt gratitude, I offer up the sum of my experiences in a way of support and inspiration. 

Knowing for a long time that there is a way to read and translate energy that goes beyond the external 5 senses,  I have felt a connection to the truth of the emotional story inside the energy body of others for as long as I can remember.  I was able to sense into the unspoken word.  I knew what was being said without it ever being spoken.  As I grew emotionally, I was able to see this as a true gift.  My insight into my own emotional database has taken me into a deeply connected state that can transcend any conversation. 


Through further studies of the chakra system, the modalities of Reiki and Bodytalk and most notably, for me, the study of Yoga Nidra, I have delved into the experience of connection and how that shows up in our interactions with others and our interactions with ourselves. Yoga Nidra has brought all of the downloaded information that I was gifted with and transformed it into a system of communication between the mind and the heart.


It is this gift, this pathway into connection, that I know I was born to share.  I have felt it like the ancestry inside of my own DNA. There is an older story here than what is presented in linear time. 


In reverence, always.




200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Master/Teacher Usui Reiki Practitioner

Bodytalk Practitioner

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Nidra and Limiting Beliefs Guide

Co-Founder of Ascension Aerial Teacher Training

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