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My philosophy

Healing occurs when the body, mind and spirit are ready.


It is my goal to facilitate this by providing a confidential and comfortable place to allow this shift.  By pursuing a deeper connection with my own innate wisdom, what was once a natural gift, has become a reliable source of infinite wisdom.


about me

Melanie Dawn

Shits about to get real.


Please, take a minute to get to know me, I've bared my heart so that, hopefully, you see yourself in here somewhere, too. 


I am a recovering codependent who grew up in a home that was plagued with addiction to alcohol. As I go through my journey, I find myself eternally grateful for these experiences and the family that I have. Because of this, I work well with humans who are struggling to see themselves through the veil of codependency. I have, over a lifetime, gathered tools that I’ve used and found great success with. That's why I'm here. This is what made me.  

I have great tenacity. I've built and helped grow many successful businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, I knew that owning my own business was my breath of freedom. I crave the ability to cultivate and grow my own life on my own terms. 

I’ve got a unique gift of intuition which I use to explore and grow your own talents. 


I’m a mom of two incredible boys, and I get how your life becomes their life once they’re here. It's the most beautiful and rewarding, enriching experience you are given as a parent. There is no better feedback than the mirror of our children. It has stopped me in my tracks many times. 

But, somewhere along the way, the dust settles, and they don’t need so much of your time. It’s about then we start to panic and worry that we’re too old, or too late, or have no value outside of our family unit. 


Maybe it was a transition of kids going school, moving out, or a marriage breaking down. It could be the loss of a career or loved one. When this happens, we’re left saying - now what?  


For me, it was all of those. I married very young, fasttracked owning a home, starting a family and creating an incredibly success business...for my husband. As a codependent, my focus was always outward instead of in. This journey has brought me to this incredible gift of championing the cause of others, helping them to believe in themselves and to find the courage to discover what they’re really meant to do. But, what about me? Where do I fit in? 

Eventually, my husband and I grew apart. It was through the breakdown of my marriage where I literally broke down myself. I went from being a bulldozer to getting walked on. I lost my self worth and it took me years to find it. Through great life lessons, I somehow managed to find my way back to my yoga mat. Yoga is a huge piece of what I do and why I do it. Not everyone will use yoga the way it nourishes me, but we all have something. 


I’ve been a yoga teacher and intuitive energy worker, coaching clients through transition and understanding how they are in resistance or ease with themselves. It is a level of mastery to be a one woman island and I have yet to meet that woman. We all need support.

If you’re anything like me, you think you can do it alone. You’ll listen to podcast after podcast, read book after book, but once you open up and let someone see your vulnerable heart and allow them to encourage, uplift and hold you accountable to your own junk, that’s when you'll really start to see things change. 


I couldn’t believe how fast my life turned around once I created a network of trusted females that encouraged me as well as called me out on my bs. This is why I'm here. I want to give that back to you. I want you to feel supported. I want you to feel heard. And, I want you to be accountable. It's so easy to overlook ourselves, but, not on my watch. I've got you.  

I’m forever open to chatting. The greatest leaps I’ve made is when I decided not to go it alone. 

In reverence, always.




Lifestyle Coach

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Master/Teacher Usui Reiki Practitioner

Certified Yin Yoga Teacher

Certified Yoga Nidra and Limiting Beliefs Guide

Nerd Who Uncovers Patterns In Everything 

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