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Reiki Level 2

Symbols, Distance, Healing Activation

Usui Shiki Ryoho

A Certificate

I know what it's like to seek validation from a certification, and I know how it usually ends up.....


still not feeling empowered

still not feeling brave enough

still not feeling....enough


These trainings are designed to give you so much more than a Certificate


They're designed to ACTIVATE and EMPOWER you


level 2

Deepen your own personal healing and ability to channel Reiki for others by attuning to the sacred energy of 3 powerful Reiki symbols

The Reiki symbols can be used to amplify the channel of energy, heal emotional wounds, limiting beliefs around money, love, health and more. The symbols break the construct of time and space, allowing you to send healing across the world and across time.

Level 2 teaches you how to heal past wounds received as a child, freeing you from personality programming that disrupts our conscious choice to grow and evolve. It is a deep and transformational journey that lays the foundation for an intelligent and capable Reiki practitioner. 

Benefits Of Intuitive Reiki Level 2

Inner child healing techniques and practices

Send Reiki to past and future experiences, places, and people

Attunement to the energetic frequency of Reiki symbols: Power, Healing + Distance

Learn how to charge crystals (great for gifts)

Practice using the symbols to clear energy from physical spaces

Gain confidence as a Reiki practitioner with real-life examples from my energy practice

Heal past trauma through energetic release

Certification for Yourself, Or Create A Business Of Your Own!

Charging and Clearing Crystals and other items with Reiki energy (Great for gifts!)


Sending Reiki healing energy accross time and space

Clearing any space or room you are needing to

It's Time To Step Out Of The Spiritual Closet

Reiki level 2 creates a deep connection to the healing power of Reiki, along with being a lot of fun! Inside this program, gain the confidence it requires to step into the role of practitioner. 

Being present while healing occurs during client sessions is one of the greatest honors we’ll be given. It’s a beautiful thing to be invited into such private emotional releases and know that you have the grounding and connectedness to hold space for this to happen.


Bearing witness to your own healing and transformation is another incredible gift. 


To be able to hold space for yourself as you heal on all levels through the power and channel of Reiki, is nothing short of a gift from Spirit. 


This calling has a few initiations, and they begin with you. 


"I had no real interest in reiki until I experienced Melanie Dawn.
I feel truly feel grateful to have learned this practice from her. She holds space in a way that allows you to embody the practice in a unique way that aligns to your own internal compass. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and her relationship with energy and reiki is beautiful, unique, and fascinating." 

Tanya Ryan 


You Have A 

Beautiful Gift



Wanting To Go All The Way?

There & Back Bundles

My There & Back Reiki Bundle is the perfect way to take your Reiki practice from beginner to master.


This comprehensive bundle includes all the trainings and certifications needed for you to progress from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master/Teacher, giving you a clear path to follow to reach your goals.


With the There & Back Reiki Bundle, you can get started on your journey of self-discovery and healing and save money in the process.

Work At Your Own Pace

Online Level 2

Complete your training in your time and space

Mentorship from an experienced practitioner via e-mail or voice note for any questions not answered in the programming

Unlimited access to current programming and any updates added

Access to to a community of other healers


Still Have Questions?




As a newbie to Reiki, and someone who doesn't love online learning, I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to follow, kept me engaged throughout, and a ton of valuable information. I appreciate the straight forward way Melanie speaks and her down to earth nature shines through. Would definitely recommend!

Carey B.


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