Upcoming Events

  • The Portal - Yoga Nidra Teacher Training
    Sat, Sep 25
    Online Yoga Nidra Training
    50 hours of study into the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra from the tradition of Satyananda Yoga. Not only is Yoga Nidra an intelligent physical practice, it is a portal to our conscious connection and increased awareness of Spirit. Registered with Yoga Alliance for continuing ed.
  • The Portal - Lifting the Veil
    Sat, Oct 09
    The Portal - Lifting the Veil
    Four days of intensive self study, lifting the veil that separates who you are programmed to be, from who you are meant to become. The practice of Yoga Nidra, not only offers a brilliant look at who YOU are from the inside out, but a healing technique that transcends time and space.
  • The Portal - Yoga Nidra Teacher Training IN PERSON
    Sat, Jan 15
    Black Diamond
    Learn to unlock limitless possibility within yourself. With the practice of Yoga Nidra - rest, rewire, and reconnect to higher states of consciousness. In this 50 hour study, you'll learn the power of limiting beliefs, how they impact your life and how to rewire by accessing Yoga Nidra state.