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Reiki Master/Teacher

Your Evolution 

Usui Shiki Ryoho


I wanted to be taught

Every time I teach, I show up more authentically as me and the students that are being certified are glowing and confident in what they're learning.


We give each other permission to have our own connection with energy and how it's shared.

I've created a training that offers you the human side to energy work as much as it does the spiritual. I offer straightforward answers and real life experience as much as possible so that when you experience it, you’re ready.


You already know. 


All of my teachings lead you back to the truth of who you are. And the truth is…you already know. You always have.

You already have the answers within you.

I know this, you know this. You just haven’t been ready to declare it, claiming it in a powerful way that supports you in becoming the light, the leader, and the guide for yourself and for others



Powerfully step forward into the role of teacher. 

Share your beautiful gifts, understanding and knowledge of Reiki with those who are drawn specifically to your unique style, energy and wisdom. 

This is a beautiful opportunity to increase the Universal Vibration while doing what you love. Inside this training you'll be attuned to the Master Symbol, taught how to give attunements, and how to lead a training. 


The world needs more light workers, people who are aware of the energy they contribute to the Universal vibration, and teachers who teach through love, compassion and understanding. You'll learn how to hold space in sacred ways for yourself and your future students. 

Benefits Of Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

Becoming A Teacher That Can Certify Students

Space To Revisit + Review Your Level 1 & 2 Knowledge

Master/Teacher Attunement 

Master Symbol & Uses

Confidence In Your Teaching Abilities

Learn How To Give Attunements 

Create and Grow Your Business Support

Certification As A Reiki Master

Teaching future light workers the path of the healer


Attuning others to open them to the healing energy of Reiki

Creating or growing your business in ways you never dreamed

Becoming a teacher may be something you have always know you'd become,  or it may arrive as a divine surprise with perfect timing

When you combine the POWER OF COMMUNITY, with the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE, you lead with CONFIDENCE, and you OWN WHO YOU ARE 

  Becoming attuned to Reiki is the foundation of my knowledge. It's where I took my first breath on this energetic pathway. When you share your unique teaching style with future students, you will expand and grow as a Reiki practitioner deepening your knowledge and understanding of energetics and the practice of Reiki. 

The Master/Teacher program is the highest level of Reiki. You can grow and evolve, creating a personal revolution from the platform of these teachings - crafting a style that is unique to only you, and a potentially host trainings that focus on what YOU love about about Reiki. 

Not sure you have the skills or depth of knowledge to teach? Have no fear! After taking this training, you'll have all the information and understanding you need to teach if you feel called. A true teacher emerges only while teaching - it becomes about taking the first step. 

Prerequisite: Completion and certification of Level 1 + 2 - any school or style 

(if possible, please review the online programming for Level 1 and 2 with Melanie Dawn (included), as her teaching encompasses much more than the traditional teachings)


Melanie has the amazing skill to allow everyone to be comfortable in who they are. To be seen when you don't know who you are or what you're really doing here, is nothing short of magical. She teaches in a very relatable way, for different types of students from every walk of life. I appreciate her beyond measure. It would be an absolute gift to be taught by her for anything she offers. A true servant to everyone who feels the call to learn.



It's time to share

Your Gift

Save Your Space In The Next Live
Reiki Master Teacher Training


Wanting To Go All The Way?

There & Back Bundles

My There & Back Reiki Bundle is the perfect way to take your Reiki practice from beginner to master.


This comprehensive bundle includes all the trainings and certifications needed for you to progress from Reiki Level 1 to Reiki Master/Teacher, giving you a clear path to follow to reach your goals.


With the There & Back Reiki Bundle, you can get started on your journey of self-discovery and healing and save money in the process.



Online Master Teacher

If the dates don't work, you can register for the upcoming training and listen to the live calls in your time and space


You'll be expected to be part of the group chat where questions and experiences are shared

Mentorship via the group chat from not just me but others in your group, too

Unlimited access to current programming and any updates added

Access to to a community of other healers


Still Have Questions?




I feel like I have come such a long way in such a short time and learnt so much about myself since beginning my journey and training with Melanie. She is open to all possibilities and has a true gift of being a teacher. I don’t think I could’ve come this far with anyone else. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Amber M.


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