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4 Steps That Give Me My Power Back

(Most Of The Time)

Essentially, we are more robot than human. 


Robots that operate on outdated programming set in place when you were under 12 years of age. I imagine your life has changed significantly since you were a minor, and that what you’re currently living may be more of what your parents told you the world was, and what their parents told them. 

Very few of us ever truly experience anything more than once. If we’ve seen it, we’ve built a story around it, and depending on what your family's beliefs are - it was stored in either the good or bad filing system. 


You can slow down your human experience long enough to become observant of the patterning (samskaras) that have been your life’s “How To” guide. You can observe yourself from a relaxed and present space of awareness and possibly heal yourself here. I know I have and continue to heal in this way. 

Here are the 4 fundamental principles of observation:

  1. No judgment of your experience. This means no good or bad - simply, this is what I am experiencing

2. Don’t change what you’re observing - Once we     

     attempt to change something there is a judgment

     placed. I need to change to be more this, or that, is

     casting judgment.

3. Focus on what you’re feeling. What sensations are

    you experiencing? Keep your body as soft as possible. 

3. Be honest with yourself. So many times we won’t allow

    ourselves to see what’s really going on because it

    would be filed in the category of “bad”. We spend so

    much of our time unconscious running from ourselves

    and the truth of what we know. Radical self honesty is

    what happens when we relax our bodies, let go of

    judgment and open up to what we are experiencing    

    in this moment only.

Want To Know Your True Potential?

If you’re serious about getting to know your true potential, either as a yoga teacher or a student of life, look into The Portal. 


This training is offered both online and in person

(very limited capacity)


The Portal: From Asleep to Aware

a training centered on consciousness exploration through yoga nidra and holding awareness of what you’re experiencing without story, judgment and expectation.

Holding awareness sounds simple, but it is deceivingly difficult when our whole existence has been based on creating stories about experiences and categorizing them as good or bad.

In this training you will leave with eyes wide open to your patterning and programming. While this is not a quick fix, it is a permanent one with devotion to self. 

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