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Bali, Indonesia

January 11 - 18 2025

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Welcome to Paradise



Experience the essence of yoga and wellness designed for the untamed, the liberated, the adventurous.

Discover the ultimate remedy: immersing yourself in nature alongside kindred spirits who resonate with your energy and essence.

Join Melanie and Tamara for a fusion of exhilarating adventures, joyful movement, and soulful introspection. Dive into moments of stillness, embrace challenges, and embrace transformative change.

Every day is yours to shape as you wish, to nurture your needs and fuel your soul.

Let's embark on this journey together xx

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Let's normalize honouring ourselves without guilt and shame

Fern Plant

Bliss Seekers

Are you prepared to embrace an emphatic YES?

Not merely a nod, but an enthusiastic YES?

You are the architect of your desires - encompassing the highs, the lows, the extraordinary

Moreover, you possess the authority to rewrite your story, do something adventurous with a spiritual resonance and where better to do that than Bali!?

If you're yearning for profound experiences - deeper connections and a deeper understanding of self?

That's precisely why you're here

You're being beckoned to reconnect with those on the same path as you

To unleash the authenticity of your being

And rediscover how to nurture your spirit, body and mind

You've discovered us

We're so excited to meet you!

Fern Plant
Yoga Retreat


Carefully crafted menus are tailored to rejuvenate and invigorate, featuring an abundance of crisp fruits, vibrant vegetables, and ample protein to fuel your endeavors.


Each dish is prepared with care, using locally sourced, chemical-free ingredients. From succulent grilled fish and tender chicken to seasonal fruits and an array of delectable salads boasting toasted pumpkin seeds.


A commitment to wholesome ingredients ensures that your food is not only beneficial for the body but also nourishing for the soul. With options to accommodate various dietary preferences, you're sure to find satisfaction in every dish.


Daily Yoga & Meditation

While this isn't a traditional yoga retreat, we, as experienced yoga teachers, will provide daily opportunities for meditation and yoga practice. Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.


Every morning and evening, we'll gather in the shala for various sessions. Our yoga classes encompass a range of breathwork, meditation, flow, hatha, restorative, and nidra. Additionally, our workshops cover journaling, embodiment practices, and open discussions. Participation is optional, and no prior experience is necessary.

Whether you're stepping onto a yoga mat for the first time or you're a seasoned practitioner, there's always something new to learn. Yoga offers not only physical benefits but also helps unite your physical and energetic bodies, fostering a deeper connection with oneself and the present moment. Through practices like concentration and letting go, we delve into the essence of yoga, exploring within ourselves and embracing the art of being.


Embark on a mystical journey to Bali, drawn by the whispers of your soul. Whether seeking enlightenment or release, to weave dreams or shape destinies, to toil diligently and revel fiercely, under the radiant sun by day and enchanted rhythms by night, your desires await amidst this sacred realm The Land of The Gods

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Bella Raye Photography - Bliss-3.jpg




We're delighted to welcome you to our retreat and are thrilled that you're considering joining us. It's a privilege to create a space where you can be yourself, and we invite you to experience the transformative power that arises when individuals come together in shared consciousness.

This retreat holds deep significance for us, embodying teachings that resonate deeply within our hearts. Our journey towards neutrality within the human experience has provided profound self-discovery, reinforcing the timeless wisdom of self-awareness as the cornerstone of spiritual growth.

The transformative teachings offered here have touched countless lives, including our own. It's our personal mission to share these insights, enabling others to embrace the freedom and enlightenment that heightened states of awareness bring.

As we continue to evolve as guides, we encourage you to explore beyond your comfort zone, finding the courage to occupy the space you need and embracing your authentic self with confidence—a journey that unfolds throughout our lives.

We're here to support, guide, and nourish you, providing a nurturing environment for growth and self-discovery. Join us as we embark on this journey to uncover the true essence of who you are.

Melanie & Tamara
Image by Kharl Anthony Paica

What's Included

7 nights accommodation - Choose from one of the four beautiful room options at the stunning resort in Ubud, Bali.

Nourishing Breakfast - Enjoy the fresh healthy food at one of the multiple on site locations. Including a daily complimentary breakfast.

Daily yoga classes and workshops (all classes are optional) - Yoga classes will include a variety of breathwork, meditation, flow, hatha, restorative, nidra. Workshops will include journaling, embodiment practices and open discussion

Balinese Cultural Dinner- Gain a deeper insight into the Balinese Culture and people. Learn about The Balinese way of life, the meaning of offerings, how to create offerings, and a group blessing. Enjoy a Balinese buffet, followed by traditional Balinese Dance Performance


Ceremonies - An opening flower ceremony to call in our energy together to open our retreat space. As well as a fire closing ceremony to symbolically close the retreat. 

Free Time - There will be plenty of downtime to enjoy what the resort and local area has to offer. You can hang by the pool reading a book, go on a walking tour, or take in the treatments at the spa. This time can be spent solitary or building deeper connections with other yogis. All retreat classes and offerings are optional. If you crave more down time, you are invited to take as much as you need.

Two Sacred Temple Tours - Go back in time to the ancient temple of Gunung Kai, carved into the mountainside in 1000 B.C. Then head to Tirta Empul Sacred Water Temple, to be blessed by the multiple fountains of pure, clean holy water. Lunch overlooking the rice terraces of Tempaksiring

30 Minute Massage -  Our gift to you is the experience of a Balinese massage. Unwind in Bali's serene beauty, let skilled therapists melt away tension with Balinese techniques, aromatherapy, and hot stones. Feel rejuvenated and ready to embrace tranquility.

Secluded White Sand Beach Day - The sweetness of doing nothing. Spend the day at white sand secret beach, great for swimming & Snorkeling. Explore the local warungs, stop for lunch & listen to the music of the ocean. 

Flower Mandala Ritual - In the oasis Infinity pool, wash away energy that no longer serves to be rebirthed into the energy of growth, expansion & freedom (not to mention the luxury of being wrapped in flowers and water)


Cost of flight

Travel Insurance

Lunch & Dinner

Alcohol and Additional Food/Drinks

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Image by Niklas Weiss
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From Garden Rooms to Panorama Suites, each room is influenced by barefoot luxury and designed to inspire. There are thoughtful details from handcrafted furniture, large terrazzo tubs, Marshall bluetooth speakers, to a touch of rock and roll flair, whether that be a guitar or a record player creating an extra element of surprise and delight, and to spark creativity.

Need more info?

E-mail Melanie

Pay your $500 US non-refundable deposit 

Pricing Is Per Person in $US

*Payment Plans available*

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Garden Room- Shared

Immerse yourself in a symphony of natural light flooding through expansive windows, offering enchanting vistas of lush gardens. Indulge in the perfect climate with air-conditioned comfort, ensuring your stay is both refreshing and rejuvenating. Nestled conveniently close to the shimmering pool and the celestial Sky Shala

Room Configuration: 2 Twin or King

Click below for room details

Superior Room - Shared

Indulge in a chic boutique-style room, nestled on the ground floor for easy access, featuring a refreshing outdoor shower for a tantalizing twist, all while keeping cool with convenient air conditioning just steps away from the celestial haven of the Sky Shala.

Room Configuration: 2 Twin or King

Click below for room details

Soul Deluxe- Shared

Enchanting boutique rooms adorned with unique accents. Immerse yourself in nature with refreshing outdoor showers (or luxurious tub) that whisper secrets of the forest. Let the cool embrace of air conditioning envelop you in comfort, just a stone's throw away from the ethereal Sky Shala.

Room Configuration: 2 Twin or King

Click below for room details

Luxury Room - Shared

Step into a Balinese dream of luxury, where each room is a sanctuary, the living space a tranquil oasis, an outdoor tub invites serenity, a terrace whispers of ancient wisdom, all embraced by the gentle breeze of holistic harmony with A/C, graciously located on the ground floor for seamless connection with nature's embrace

Room Configuration: 2 Twin or King

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