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Sat, Nov 13


The Portal - Lifting the Veil

The Portal - Lifting the Veil

Four days of intensive self study, lifting the veil that separates who you are programmed to be, from who you are meant to become. The practice of Yoga Nidra, not only offers a brilliant look at who YOU are from the inside out, but a healing technique that transcends time and space.

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The Portal - Lifting the Veil
The Portal - Lifting the Veil

Time & Location

Nov 13, 2021, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The Portal - Lifting the Veil

About the Event


An Exploration Into Shadow Work With the Sacred Teachings of Yoga Nidra

Understand how to channel the sacred teachings of Yoga Nidra to consciously undo programming that’s steering your life. 

During this 4 day intensive study with Yoga Nidra and limiting beliefs guide, Melanie Dawn, you’ll look at how much of your daily living has already been decided by the subconscious programming you’ve been working with pretty much your entire life. 

Would you let a 7 year old make your biggest decisions? 

What if I told you that was already happening. The vast majority of what you perceive about the world was already decided by the time you turned 12. You formed your beliefs and perceptions from the limited information received as a small child in order to keep you safe and alive. This is why so many people struggle to change their behaviors and why making any change is so damn hard to keep. By learning the powerful techniques and teachings that exist inside an already perfect practice, you unlock the portal to your own subconscious programming and create a potent opportunity for real and lasting change.

This is for you, if:

• You’re committed to showing up to life, and carving out an existence that is meaningful, and well spent

• You long for a connection to consciousness, our true super power

• You’re tired of reacting the exact same way, creating the same or similar outcomes over and over again

• You’re curious why you do what you do, and how to finally change it

• You crave a deeper understanding of consciousness, Spirituality and a connection to something outside of yourself

What Lifting The Veil is not:

• An easy path to self awareness. It’s challenging and difficult, this is not a feel-good practice, but don’t let that scare you, let that be the fire that lights you

• A religious study. I'm a Spiritual person and teach without religious dogma

Get deeply in touch with your shadow side - why you operate the way you do, what makes you tick and what your driving belief system is that has created your life up to now. Using the sacred practice of Yoga Nidra to pull back the veil of your limiting beliefs, you have the opportunity to create real and lasting change in your life.

Once you understand the practice, you can see yourself from a place of freedom, instead of feeling like you’re trapped in a story that has already been mapped out for you from birth.

Liberate your consciousness, explore your spirituality, taste the freedom that exists within knowing consciousness in this unique way.


•Open to everyone who is called to practice Yoga Nidra

•Online platform with live teaching, recordings available

•Studies of our Core Limiting Beliefs and Emotional Repatterning (unique to this training)

•4 days of study with Coach + Mentor, Melanie Dawn

Investment: $777

Time: 28 hours taught over 2 weekends

Saturdays: 830-330

Sunday: 830-330

October 9, 10

November 13, 14

Course Contents:

The Portal to Body, Mind, Spirit

The Practice of Yoga Nidra

States of Consciousness


The Koshas - Body, Breath, Mind, Wisdom, Bliss

Working with Limiting Beliefs

The Art of Relaxation


•focus on our core limiting beliefs and how they are formed

•how Yoga Nidra can open a portal to uncovering and healing our existing limiting belief patterns

•emotional repatterning through the practice of Yoga Nidra and techniques to disrupt outdated operating programs (such as I'm not worthy, I'm not safe, I'm not enough)


I knew from my first Yoga Nidra training that this was not my "first" experience with Yoga Nidra, it felt like I had come HOME. I was instantly pulled into understanding the practice and have immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra through practical application, teachings and through the channel of infinite wisdom. This practice has completely changed my life, and I know that it's a calling for me to share this wisdom. As your guide, I offer my knowledge and intellect of yogic studies, intentional living and my open channel to Universal Spirit. I am a multifaceted being and deeply feel like this training is the culmination of all my studies as an Intuitive, Yoga Teacher, Coach and Mentor. I am so excited creating this training as I know it will have a deep and lasting impact on the Universal vibration. 


  • Paid In Full - $777

    Program paid in full upon registration

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  • Payment Plan - $250

    Payment plan with minimum $250 deposit, full payment due by start date

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