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Sat, Mar 09


Sacred Ground Home Studio + Online

The Portal - Yoga Nidra Training

A study of consciousness and the wisdom of yoga nidra. A practice to accelerate self awareness and healing on all levels. Registered Yoga Teacher? 50 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (40 contact, 10 non contact)

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The Portal - Yoga Nidra Training
The Portal - Yoga Nidra Training

Time & Location

Mar 09, 2024, 9:00 a.m.

Sacred Ground Home Studio + Online , Foothills County, AB, Canada

About the Event

*Offered both live online and in person. You can join in the format that best suits your location and needs. Limited space is available. 

Yoga nidra is the portal to the inner healer of past programming, physical ailments and emotional dis-ease that becomes blocked within our energy bodies.

It awakens you to the truth of your nature and acts as a catalyst for freedom from the cage of the mind. 

The foundational teaching across all religions, spriitual pursuits and wisdom teachings, is this - Know Thyself. When you know yourself, you can know others. When you know yourself, you can heal. When you heal, you transform. 

During this training, you'll waken higher states of consciousness that access the deepest parts of your personality and programming. As a teacher, you will learn how to embody the teachings so that your students can feel the practice on a deeper and more profound level of understanding, setting you apart as a leader and mentor. Even if you never plan to teach, you will benefit from this inclusion of teaching. 

By creating a strong relationship with "The Observer" who resides within you at all times, you are free to explore who you are at your core - leading to questions such as "who am I" and "why do I do what I do".  

It was this teaching and these questions that lead to the profound and tranformational healing of my voice. Something that I had fought with my whole entire life. Something that I didn't understand or know the root cause of. Inside the practice of yoga nidra, it was made clear to me that my voice was my purpose and in order to align with my purpose I had to heal childhood beliefs that were keeping me separate from the truth of the power that my voice held. 

From this seat, I guide you as a teacher and as a mentor, to your own personal revelations. I hold space for you to see yourself and ask yourself the questions that will lead you to see inside your own unconscious beliefs, inspiring you towards freedom and liberation. 

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you will recieve the antidote to your inner suffering, if you fully engage.  

The Student Path - $677 (payment plans by request)

32 hours in length (2 weekends)

This is for you if you want to: 

• be part of a community of like-minded practitioners and spirit seekers

• learn how to hold space for the unhealed parts of yourself and others

• learn all the things that yoga nidra encompasses including limiting beliefs and reocccuring life patterns

• create a retreat environment within yourself, your home, and whereever you are

• go deeper into self inquiry, fueled by those around you 

• understand and explore the sub and unconscious mind

• invoke your true power and potential hidden under your limiting beliefs

This is enough time to fully see yourself and how you are the creator of your present life. Creating your own cage based on past experiences that lead to suffering and repetition. In this time, you will be given the tools to access the seat of conscious observation at all times. When you take this seat in your waking state, you have the ability to massively shift your external world into one of intention. 

The Teacher's Path -  $997 (payment plans available)

50 hours in length (40 contact hours, live teaching and 10 non contact hours of study and homework/practicum)

In addition to what all students will recieve from this training, you will also receive: 

•50 Yoga Alliance Continuting Education credits*

•what a Sankalpa is, why it's important and how to guide students to their Sankalpa

•sample yoga nidra scripts and the skills to channel scripts intuitively 

•how to embody your true teacher and share from an authentic place

•how to teach this practice to others 

•self study (required reading that will integrate your understanding of consciousness) 

•practicum (submit a recorded practice from your own script/or inspired teaching without a script)

•Yoga Nidra Certification upon completion of training (all replays or live teachings have been completed)

*Yoga Alliance CE credits are available to current registered Yoga teachers only. You do not have to be registered with yoga alliance to teach. 

This training is offered both online, and in person. If you would like to come in person, space is very limited. 

In the event that we can't meet in person, all participants will resume online

Training Date Schedule.

STUDENT Time/Dates:

March 9/10

April 6/7

9-5pm MT

TEACHERS Time/Dates:

March 9/10

April 6/7/27

9-5pm MT 

10 hours of practicum and self study required to recieve certification. This can be completed after or during our training. 

****Payment plans available by request. Please contact with the subject Portal Payment Plan


I knew from my first Yoga Nidra training that this was not my "first'' experience with Yoga Nidra. Learning and practicing nidra felt like a homecoming. I was instantly pulled into understanding the practice and have immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra through practical application, teachings, and the channel of infinite wisdom. This practice has completely changed my life, and became a calling for me to share. As a guide, I offer my knowledge and intellect of yogic studies and energetic teachings as well as my open channel to the Universal Spirit. This training is the culmination of all my studies as an intuitive and yoga teacher.

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