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HeartMap is a 3 month intensive with your Sankalpa, the truth of your essence, weaving together the powerful work of Yoga Nidra and inner knowing through intuitive readings with Melanie Dawn. 


Uncover the limiting beliefs stored in subconscious and reclaim a resolve that resonates with the frequency of your heart. 


During this 3 month intensive, we work together to rediscover the Sankalpa that your heart recognizes as truth. Throughout life we subconsciously gather stories that create our experiences. Not all of the stories are serving our highest purpose and can lead to a life of feeling stuck and meeting the same difficult situations over and over. 


We gather, one on one, three times through the course of 12 weeks and cultivate a devotional Yoga Nidra practice by practicing 5-7 times a week with the module practices provided. During these one on one sessions, we focus on our personal truth and heartmapping, working together to retrieve the intention that has always been yours. 


Use this program to move towards personal liberation. If you are feeling stuck, blocked, low energy, uninspired - create space for this program and begin to call in the frequency of transformation. 


You can complete this 3 month program once or align deeper with an ongoing practice. 


Investment for this 3 month self study is $333

and a personal commitment to self 


One on one sessions can be completed in person or via video call

Module 1 - The Body

Learning to unlock tension from your physical body, opens the channel for new information to be received by the brain. If we stay in rigidity, our mind and body believe there is some state of threat and all resources are allocated to low or high stress response, whether real or perceived. Encoding this ability to spontaneously release tension from your physical layer will also benefit your connection to your innate intuition.

Module 2 - The Heart

The heart is more than a physical piece of anatomy. It is believed to have its own mind that stays in constant communication with your brain. With an electro magnetic field that surpasses that of the brain, new studies are being done about the profound impacts of the energetic heart. 

By tapping into the innate wisdom of the heart, we can cultivate deeper and more meaningful experiences in life, one rich in all emotions. The heart speaks in a language of pause and quiet, which we strive to access through the practices within this module.

Module 3 - Higher Mind

In this module you have ample space to let the wisdom we hold step forth and communicate in a way that we become more and more familiar with. This is a lifelong practice that requires all parts to work together, body, heart and inner knowing. 

This is your homecoming. 

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