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~Passionate, Wild One~

the soul seekers, the energy workers + the teachers of light



You know it's your calling. There is no other place you feel more grounded, present + connected than the path you're on. 


Your heart is involved, your spirit is expanding. It's challenging you to stretch and grow. Sometimes, it feels like its not meant to be, but the thought of that kills your soul.


You know you’re meant serve, there’s no question about that, but how do you use this beautiful gift of yours to create LASTING CHANGE for yourself and those around you

Working with Melanie was a pivotal first step in starting my healing business.

Each month had a structured plan with room for lots of creative flow. She helped me identify and work through limiting beliefs that had stopped me from starting sooner.

With her loving encouragement, I launched my first course and began content creation on a regular basis. She was an incredible space holder for my dream while guiding me away from what wasn’t worth my energy.

I am so grateful to have had her in those beginning days to guide me and pour her belief in me when I was unsure.

-Whitney Redman



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this program is for you, if you're:

Getting STARTED in business

Ready to EVOLVE your existing business

Craving a SOUL ALIGNED business

Struggling to gain and retain CLIENTS

Desiring your PURPOSE

Getting more DECISIVE 

Lacking support from COMMUNITY 

Wanting increased IMPACT from work

Getting clear around MONEY + ABUNDANCE

Pursuing your NICHE market 

Building TRUST between yourself and your gift

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I'm not in business, but I feel the CALL TO BE SOMETHING MORE

What I want is to find peace and feel accepted for who I am

...keep reading!

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are you?

Longing to find COMMUNITY

Ready to BREAK unconscious habits

Wanting to understand yourself on a DEEPER LEVEL

Embracing the MAGIC of who you TRULY ARE

Feeling like you're ready to GROW

Ready to accept your UNIQUE gift

Willing to step into TRUST

Wondering if there's SOMETHING MORE

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• 5 CUSTOMIZED 1:1 sessions supporting your GROWTH in this moment , spread out over 5 months for integration

• tools to encourage your spiritual growth + CONNECTION to self
• guidance on setting boundaries + embodying total SELF ACCEPTANCE
• intuitive guidance on blocks, CONFIDENCE buidling and personal struggles

•email access in between sessions

In Business
• intuitive guidance on finding your NICHE
* how to GAIN + RETAIN clients
• create greater IMPACT in your sessions + classes
• establishing yourself as a RESPECTED BRAND 

• setting boundaries around what most of us struggle with - MONEY + TIME

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I spent five months working with Mel in her mentorship container. Before working with her I was lost and needed direction in regards to the next steps in my (not yet launched) business. I had never worked with Mel before but could tell that her confidence and energy is exactly what I needed to get me to the next steps.

She has a gentle yet firm way of pushing you out of your comfort zone and into change, all while providing a container of unconditional love and support. Throughout our five months together, she lifted me up when I wasn’t sure I could go on, became my cheerleader as I stepped into a new and unknown version of myself and provided me with intuitive guidance each step of the way.

If you have been mulling over the idea of working with Mel, in any capacity but especially in her mentorship program, I can say with the utmost certainty that you would be silly not to. I cannot say enough great things about Mel as a person, as my friend, and as someone who holds an energetic frequency that without a doubt can assist you in expanding your own energy – whether that be in your business or in your personal life.

I am so grateful for my connection with Mel and that I followed my intuitive nudges that guided me to her.

-Kaicee Redpath

Melanie Dawn

~Creator of High Vibe Education~

10 years ago I was suffering from ANXIETY

Despite being incredibly successful, running and owning a million dollar business >>> I felt unfulfilled


 Regularly I would wake at night and be consumed with worry and stress


I felt disconnected, lost and stuck. I had perfected the human ego experience at the expense of my SPIRIT


I knew there was something missing from my life. knew that I was meant for something MORE


Fast forward 10 years, now I'm living my dream and fulfilling my dharma of being an Energy Educator, facilitating trainings in both the yoga and energy worlds. A flourishing career guiding people out of energetic blocks and lifting the veil of separation. 


I've blended the wisdom of the teachings of yoga, with what I know as a conscious connector to the Universe. As a natural born empath, I increased my accuracy and connection through a daily practice of Yoga Nidra and the Alpha brain state. 


Now, I regularly channel Universal Wisdom and have made a beautiful career out of doing what I love.


An integral part of doing what I love is being a mentor, guide and support to women who are traveling the same path.


This is who I AM





~You Were Born With Purpose~

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From the womb, we begin to develop stories, belief systems and conditioned thinking that are meant to keep up safe and free from harm. We move through our life, believing that we are these old programs. 

We grow, but our beliefs stay the same. 


Without consciously choosing to look at our beliefs and develop an awareness around our life patterns, we will stay the same


There may be times where we feel stuck, empty and hopeless


These are symptoms that you MUST GROW


You must consciously choose something different than what you have been thinking, doing and BEING


It's time to EVOLVE


It's a calling from the UNIVERSAL ENERGY out to you, that IT'S TIME


It's time to stop playing it safe and, it's time to



here are just a few reasons working with a mentor works

CLARITY - define what you want and how to get there

MOMENTUM - days go by so fast! Find a momentum that works with you and for you


ACCEPTANCE - Self acceptance is one of the biggest blocks we face as humans. You will be guided gently towards what is yours, SELF LOVE


INQUIRY - These are rare moments for self inquiry and choosing, with INTENTION, what you really want

SOUNDING BOARD - talk therapy can uncover so many desires of the heart. Ones that we repress subconsciously, but yearn for from the HEART

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