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Are You Ready To be A Reiki Master?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I know I wasn’t.

I took my master teacher over 10 years ago and hadn’t thought about it since. I didn’t think about becoming a teacher or putting the master symbol to work until a good friend (and future student) asked if I would consider teaching them Reiki.

The thought of me becoming a teacher contracted me so hard. I wasn’t ready. What did I know? All of the limiting thinking that had been running my life piped up and took center stage….but, I’d been here before.

I was here the first time I was asked to teach yoga. I have been here every time I do something new, something out of my comfort zone.

I had taken my training with someone that I respected but I definitely did not relate with her. I was a mom of boys, running to hockey, teaching yoga and still screaming my head off when I let my internal pressure get too hot. I was nothing like Daniela. She was Russian, dressed in all black, talked mysteriously, and had a family that viewed the world the same as her.

What would people think about me (that they weren’t already thinking…) if I put myself out there to teach. What could I possibly add to the world of Reiki.

Turns out…… it was a lot.

I have so many students that retake their Reiki certification with me and do not regret it one bit. Here’s what you get when you take your training with me (whether you plan to teach or just pursuing it as a spiritual practice like I did):

You get realness. I don’t teach anything that I don’t practice or I’m up front with you about how I use it.

I teach tradition in a non-traditional way. The truth is, level 1, 2 + 3 are pretty bare bones and basic from a traditional standpoint. I teach from the heart of intuition. I want you to be able to feel ready FROM the heart, not like you have to grab a book and look it up, or you have to ask your friend or mentor. I want you to introduce you to your own inner teacher - your intuition.

You get relatable. Everyone that is drawn to me is a mirror of me. What you like about me, you see in you. Do you see where I’m going with this? You have everything I do to become confident in energy work and become a strong spiritual practitioner or teacher, whatever way the wind blows for you.

I’m taking a decade worth of client treatments, self-study and wisdom gained through yoga and consciousness and giving it all to you.

I’m showing you how to expand instead of contract when you talk about what really drives you and motivates you.

You will be supported in group and mentorship in ways that I had only dreamed of. It seriously took me 7 years to be the confident practitioner that I am today, and I know, by taking this training, you will be taking years off of that and fast forwarding into your future.

There’s so much about this training that is different from what I’ve experienced and what I’ve heard. If you are drawn to me, I know I’m your guide. You probably know it, too, and wouldn’t be second guessing yourself if you had already completed these trainings (haha)

What you’ll get inside this limited time offer only :

Reiki Level 1 Certification($197)

Reiki Level 2 Certification ($197)

Distance Reiki Template and Guide ($27)

^^^^This right here will save you so much time if you don’t know where to start with distance

Master/Teacher Certification ($888)*

Unshakeable Intuition Workshop ($177)

^^^^I’m going to be answering questions and teaching in a straight up way about what blocks intuition and how to know what’s what

Awaken Online Meditative Guide for Intuition ($44)

^^^^Take some time getting to know YOU. That’s the true key to understanding your conversations with Source

$997 (Value $1530)

(you won’t see this value for this level of training anywhere. These are huge savings, HUGE…..insert Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman here)

This bundle is the ONLY time you are going to find me offering the Level 1 and 2, not just for review, but for certification. You don’t have to have, do or be, anything other than what you are to join right now. Everything you need to become a Reiki Master Teacher is inside this bundle…..including creating and growing a business.

Already have your certification? So many of you are walking around with attunements for Reiki level 1 and 2, but not confident enough to teach or practice. Maybe you don’t even want to teach or practice but you want to understand it better. This is for you! You can recommit to learning inside level 1 and 2 and then dive in live with me and a group of other amazing people just like you!

Don’t wait. Or be like me and wait 10 years to do what you were meant to do. We all have our path ;)

*Must enroll in the 2023 or 2024 group trainings for Master/Teacher - this is motivation for all of us who use procrastination as superpower. If that’s you - schedule your training dates now. Boom. Feel how good that feels to decide.


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