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How To Find Your Sankalpa

The practice of communicating with your Highest Self is one of quieting the Ego, bringing the body and mind into the same place at the same time.

As you create space from a neutral canvas, stepping away from the wheel of samskara, you can observe and illuminate parts of the ego that are identifying with fear patterning, and make space for messages from higher consciousness.

Through inquiry and a practice of truthful, authentic communion with Universal consciousness, you can excavate your Sankalpa.

Give permission to yourself to hear the answers whatever they may be.

Open into a state of receivership, and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Connect with your Heart

Become aware of the space and beating of your heart, inquire:

Who am I?

Is there anything that I need to release to become who I am?

Write down what comes - words, shapes, colors, images, wisdom

2. Connect to Body Wisdom

Slow everything down and sense into your body. Inquire:

Where in my body holds the greatest teachings for me at this moment?

Is there anything my body needs me to let go of?

Notice the areas of your body that are speaking to you, write down anything that come -words, shapes, colors, images, wisdom

3. Stream of Conscious Flow

Let your hand lead the way. Write in a free flow style what comes up when you inquire:

What do I desire to feel?

When I imagine this embodiment of what I desire, what emotions arrive?

Take a few moments to allow the truth to come to the surface as you write. Write down what comes to mind

4. Choose a Single Word

Choose a single word which holds the most meaning for you. It may be in

alignment with your answers above or one that calls to you frequently (Free, love, worthy, safe)

Take a few moments to write down the importance of the word to you

Can you commit this word to an “I am” statement?

Here are some examples for inspiration:

I am safe

I am healthy

I am loved

I am valued

I am worthy

I am peace

I am free

I am love

I am awakened to my nature

I am

There’s no rush in choosing a Sankalpa. If no clear Sankalpa arises you could:

•hold awareness in the space of Sankalpa and allow the possibility for it to spontaneously arise

•Use a potent and powerful universal truth: I am whole, I am love

•Use the simple, but profound, statement, I AM. You are source, already connected and already whole

Once you have planted the Sankalpa, it’s important to release it without any gripping, suffering or attachment to the internal, and external, manifestation of your Sankalpa.

The vibration around your Sankalpa is that,

‘it already is’

It’s already happened, because it has. There is no need to long or suffer for it. In yoga, this is known as practicing aparigraha, non-attachment.

Trust that it is yours and it will arrive.

If you treat your Sankalpa with trust and inner commitment, you will strengthen your ability to manifest it. If you treat your Sankalpa as something that you must work through to get to the next one, or as a thought, affirmation or idea, you will lose inner faith and the ability to fully manifest it.

Create a lasting relationship with what it is you desire to remember, embody, and BE.

Understanding the practice and it’s medicine was a catalyst for my own inner work as well as a compass that guided me to step into my power as a teacher and guide. If you feel called to use your voice in healing yourself and others, this practice is a worthy pursuit.

Join me in my next container of The Portal.


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