SOUL JOURNEY Signature Session

In person session for healing, clarity, peace and Spirit

  • 1 hour
  • 100 Canadian dollars
  • Black Diamond

Service Description

(formerly named: Signature Session) As a catalyst for healing, I work with the channel of divine light to bring awareness to the physical places you have stored emotions that have been repressed, refused or cast away. While I work in the shadow, there are many, many times that a person's purpose or dharma comes through, and must be shared. Merge Human + Spirit in these 60 minute collaborative sessions where talk therapy is infused with light physical manipulation of the body to move energy (hands off is available as well), energetic movement, chakra balancing, and wisdom that is gifted from Source. Sessions (and Spirit) work in the form of priority (what is most important right now), where the timing is always DIVINE and needed. Although, I can access specific wisdom you may be wondering about, it isn't always guaranteed. There are things we are not meant to know and are hidden from us, or we refuse to see the many, many signs that Spirit is sending because it goes against "what we want" to be true. In addition to the above, these sessions are also a safe place to come and be seen/heard/understood. It's a safe place to feel your emotions, releasing the blocked energy patterns that bind them. I am a holder of sacred space for this to occur. These sessions have led to incredible healing on many levels, all of which comes as a divine gift through the wisdom I receive from Spirit. •Sessions are confidential These sessions are only available in person, for 1 week each month. Please see online calendar to book.

Cancellation Policy