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The Response Method

journey through the senses






Dive deeply into rest and recovery during this 2 hour exploration of both inner and outer senses. A practice that blends restorative yoga and the systematic relaxation of Yoga Nidra. 


Aromatic oils, hands on adjustments, low lighting and calming music invite both your mind and body to be drawn into the Relaxation Response. 


Long holds, easeful postures and supportive touch create the perfect environment for a serene mind and open body. With these ripe ingredients the practice of Yoga Nidra is introduced and the inner senses are awakened. A relaxed mind becomes a creative mind, capable of powerful healing and transformation. 


Come. Rest. Relax. 




re•sponse ~ a reaction to a change in environment 

This uniquely styled class brings the healing nature of Restorative Yoga and blends it together with the energy of Reiki. During our time together, you can expect to be lovingly guided into easeful, nurturing shapes, where you’ll learn about the energy of the 7 chakras and how they relate to you. Experience hands on Reiki from a Reiki Master and Intuit, while using the power of essential oils to amplify the feeling of relaxation and restoration. 


Your Reiki Master will move intuitively, guided by the compass of your own body. Every experience will be different and unique to each student. 


The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation which takes you deeper into the layers of self, will be offered at closing to seal the energy of the evening and invite space for each practitioner to absorb the experience in its entirety. 


If you’ve been interested in the mystic of energy healing. This is for you. 

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