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Tulum, Mexico

February 21-28, 2024

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Welcome to Paradise



Women's yoga and wellness retreat for the wild, the free, the healing

There is no greater medicine than nature and a sisterhood with women that match your vibration and frequency

With Melanie + Tamara you get the best of both worlds - adventure, fun, movement  and introspective deep dives, stillness, challenge and change 


You choose how you show up each day, what you need and what fills your heart


We'll meet you there xx

Let's normalize honouring ourselves without guilt and shame

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Are you ready to say YES

Not just yes, but heck YES?

You, majestic queen, are the co-creator of what you desire - the good, the bad, the magnificent

And, you have the power to change your story

If DEEP is what you're craving - deeper connection and deeper inner knowing?

That's what brought you here

You're being called to reconvene with the divine feminine

To unleash your true essence

And remember how to take care of yourself without guilt, shame and suffering

You've found us

Yes, this is it

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~ Picture This ~

You are away from all that distracts you, surrounded by like minded humans practicing yoga, eating delicious food, salsa dancing, meditating, exploring both inner and outer worlds without any tethers to your routine and schedule at home. This is an opportunity to fully dive into the beauty of Mexico and the joy of being present


This yoga retreat is filled with different styles of yoga practice offered each day to deepen and expand your practice (new yogis are always welcome). Being students of consciousness, both Tamara and Melanie will also be offering the wisdom teachings that yoga has given them in their pursuit of personal transformation and liberation that go far beyond any posture or sequence of yoga. 


During your stay you will also experience the Mayan Temazcal (house of heat). An ancient steam bath with curative and therapeutic benefits. Believed to balance and detoxify the body, mind and Spirit. This ceremonial practice has been used to let go of anything that may be holding you back. 


The yoga classes will be held on resort in their beautiful yoga shalas. All of the shalas offer breathtaking surroundings, ocean or jungle views. They are absolutely beautiful. 


In addition to shared time with retreat guests, you will also be encouraged to practice silence and spend time on your own or with a friend relaxing on the beach and exploring the city. 


The Bliss State Yoga Retreat is offering you space to arrive fully into who you are, free of programming, past habits and suffering. You were meant to live a joy filled life and through grace, truth and acceptance, this is possible. 


Amansala Eco-Chic Resort





Amansala is Sanskrit named after the peaceful crystal clear waters of Tulum, and to this day it is still one of Tulum's most iconic, eco-chic boutique hotels. Amansala was founded on the belief that a true vacation is one where you come back looking and feeling better than when you arrived. 


This beautiful resort offers relaxed, eco-chic accommodations like no other boutique hotel in Tulum. Rooms vary from small private rooms to large shared spaces. All are spacious, with attention to detail throughout. The restaurant serves fresh fish, local produce, and the tastiest mango margaritas in the Riviera Maya. Our signature eco-chic style is found at all our properties and is relaxed yet with attention to detail.

Amansala is located just 2 hours south of Cancun and is famous for it’s Mayan Ruins, and is preferred by yogis all over the world for it’s relaxed bohemian-chic feel, local highlights, beautiful beaches, hidden cenotes, and lush jungle vibes. 

Amansala Grande and Chica are just a one minute walk down the beach from one another offering a tranquil setting that embodies community, yet with space to relax on one’s terrace, their beautiful beach deck, or the sunset lounge where the jungle stretches as far as the eye can see. Perfect for stargazing, sunrises, sunsets and soaking up some sun. 

All rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and sitting areas. Rooms at Amansala Tulum are styled with our beautiful Eco-Chic bohemian feel.


Amansala is world-renowned and has been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Self, Elle, Vogue, Allure, Pop Sugar, Nat Geo Traveler, and more. 

All that’s left to do is come. You can register here:

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Amansala’s menus are designed to nourish and cleanse with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and enough protein to keep you powered in class. 

The menu items are made with love and local chemical-free produce. Fresh caught grilled fish, chicken, seasonal fruit, and various delicious salads that incorporate toasted pumpkin seeds, jicama, chia seeds and local superfoods that leave you feeling satisfied and light. 

Sample Menu:

Light Breakfast: Fresh fruit, granola, vegan yogurt made with soaked

chia seeds in coconut milk with dried coconut and a touch of agave

Brunch: A variety of delicious salads, banana bread, stone ground

tortillas and different style of egg daily 

Snack: Popular mexican favorites - nachos, quesadillas and guacamole

always with a side of fresh fruit.


Starter: Seasoned fresh jicama, carrot and cucumber

Soup: Curried squash soup

Main Course: Grilled fish topped with a pineapple chutney served with

quinoa with mixed veggies with a jicama, mint salad

Dessert: Avocado vegan cacao mousse 

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We are so happy that you are here and considering joining us on this retreat. It’s our honor to hold space for you however you arrive and invite you to share in the alchemy that happens when you enter group consciousness for long periods of time. The magic that comes when groups of like minded individuals unite is truly mindblowing and surpasses our concept of time.  

This yoga retreat is extremely sacred and holds the teaching that is close to both of our hearts. Walking the path of neutrality while still fully embodied in the human experience has taught us more about ourselves than we ever thought possible. The root of all spiritual teachings is - know thyself - because when we know ourselves we can understand others, elevating all of our relationships. 

The teachings that are offered inside of this retreat have transformed many lives (including our own) and it’s our personal calling to pass them on so that others can find the freedom and liberation that awareness and understanding states of consciousness brings. 

As we expand as teachers, we invite you to push beyond the edges and borders of your personality, gathering the courage to take up the space that you need, want and desire as well as find the confidence to fully arrive in your authentic self which is an evolution that happens our whole life. 

We are here to support you, guide you, nourish you while offering a container of growth and opportunity to meet who you really are. 

Melanie & Tamara
Image by Jakob Owens


Is who you are, really who you're meant to be? 


If you had grown up in a different country under different circumstances would you still be you? 


Under your personality lies the true and everlasting essence of who you really are. When you soften enough to lose the stronghold of your personality a freedom occurs and an everlasting state begins to surface. 


During this retreat you will mindfully be led through self exploration in the forms of yoga asana (physical practice), yoga nidra (meditation technique), journaling, breathwork and silent space. 


*Continuing Education credits are available for registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance


What's Included

7 nights accommodation - Choose from one of seven Eco-Chic accommodations below ranging from beachfront suites to cozy garden rooms

All meals (except one dinner off site) - Enjoy 4 delicious meals per day including light breakfast, brunch, snack and dinner. We are headed off site for one dinner as a group that is not included, if you would like to stay back or go solo, you have that option

Daily yoga classes and workshops (all classes are optional) - Yoga classes will include a variety of breathwork, meditation, flow, hatha, restorative, nidra. Workshops will include journaling, embodiment practices and open discussion

Mayan Temazcal Ceremony - An ancient steam bath with curative and therapeutic benefits. Believed to balance and detoxify the body, mind and Spirit


Full Moon Circle - Under the night sky, we gather in circle to honor the sacred feminine and the Snow Moon. Full moons are connected to completion, illumination and transformation. The Snow Moon holds great mystery and power with a stirring beneath the surface of incredible change. 

Free Time - There will be plenty of downtime to enjoy what the resort and local area has to offer. You can hang by the pool reading a book, go on a walking tour, or take in the treatments at the spa. This time can be spent solitary or building deeper connections with other yogis. All retreat classes and offerings are optional. If you crave more down time, you are invited to take as much as you need.

Connection - You'll be with the same group the entire time we are at the resort creating many opportunities for meaningful connection far beyond surface level conversations

Feminine Embodiment Practices - Time away with women, moving your body, and learning yourself again are the exact ingredients needed to reclaim your feminine nature. 

Retreat Wear - Everyone will receive a tank top with our retreat name on it that they can bring with them to wear (tanks will be shipped to your address prior to our departure, time allowing)

FUN - Wherever Tamara is, you know there will be fun! If you’re in need of letting out your inner child, she’s got you!


Cost of flight

Transportation to and from the airport. Amanasala will do their best to help you coordinate group transportation based on your arrival time

Travel Insurance

One Dinner Off-Site - If you would like to stay at Amansala for dinner or go solo you are welcome to do that in place of. (Amansala has a reasonable dinner rate)

Alcohol and Additional Food/Drinks

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Sample Schedule

7:00 am  Light Breakfast
9:30 am Morning Yoga/Workshop
11:15 am Brunch
12:15 pm Free Time or Excursions
2:30 pm Snack
3:00 pm Free Time
6:00 pm Evening Yoga/Workshop
7:30 pm Dinner
8:30 PM Settle in and Relax or Excursions/Events


Ready To Book


Choose Your Accommodation

Explore all the accommodation options below and choose the one that is the best fit for you by selecting “book now”. You’ll then be directed to check out. All room descriptions are provided but if there are any questions, please email or



Check Out

After selecting your accommodation, you’ll be directed to check out. Fill in your contact details and ensure that all information in the required Online Registration is complete. You will see the total price for your accommodation; however, you’ll only be prompted to pay your $850 non-refundable deposit at this time. Please double check that all information is entered correctly, notably your email address


After completion of your registration and receipt of your deposit, you’ll receive a welcome email as confirmation of your booking.
Within 48 hours you’ll receive a final invoice for the balance with its due date sent to your registration email.
Lastly, you’ll receive an welcome packet email with all need to know items to help you stay organized and prepare for your retreat


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The prices below reflect “what’s included” from above

Bringing a friend? Sign up early to ensure you get a shared room

Pay your $850 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, balance by December 15, 2023

Any signups after December 15, 2023 must be paid in full upon registration

All pricing is per person, Canadian Dollars

Payment Plans available, please inquire at or



Rooms range from beachfront deluxe to cozy garden and all rooms are beautifully styled with our Eco-Chic signature bohemian feel. 

Each room embodies the essence of Tulum using smooth cement, Mayan stone, and centuries-old wooden columns; multiple staircases weaving together and connecting the various spaces, giving the feel of a modern-day treehouse

Book A Discovery Call with Tamara/Melanie Here

Pay your $850 non-refundable deposit below to reserve your accommodation

Pricing Is Per Person in $CDN

Click “details” for

room information


US$ conversion

Regular Pricing: Pay your $850 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, balance by December 15, 2023

Any signups after December 15, 2023 to be paid in full upon registration

*Payment Plans available if needed (please inquire via email or book a call)*



Melanie Dawn

Hi, I’m Melanie, my Bliss state is when all parts of ourselves are finally united. None better than the other and all wrapped in the love that we carry for each other directed back to our own beating heart. Bliss is where we are when our personality fades and our edges soften, revealing the true nature of who we are. Bliss leaves no room for buts - I love myself, but…. That doesn’t exist here. “I love myself because” becomes our new story. 


How I found myself here: 


I kept repeating very harmful patterns, to me and to my loved ones. It was constantly a test if you said you loved me. I would put you through the ringer to prove it, ultimately ending up in a lot of toxic relationships and not being the mother I deeply wanted to be. 

I would use my rage as a tool of defense to keep my heart safe from love and to hopefully scare you. Why I wanted that, I don’t know? But, it’s what I learned as a child growing up. It’s what I did to my kids and still struggle with when I’m feeling especially vulnerable. 

These moments of vulnerability have brought me so inside this work that I have become a teacher of consciousness to free those that are suffering like I have. 


I have worked in very intimate containers where we’ve spent months getting to know each other and seen profound changes. I’ve worked with women who are ready to heal their beliefs about themselves and this has shaped my life with my lover, my children and my friends. 

I still fail. I still repeat the cycle. And now I catch myself.


I recently experienced a very painful childhood wound being opened again and this time when my body went into the sensation of unworthiness, I heard a voice that said “No, you are enough”


And that is what led me to this retreat and ultimately to meeting you. An immersive week in paradise sounds a bit like magic, right?

Tamara Royal

Hi, I’m Tamara.  

Bliss to me is an unwavering sense of pure peace.  Where there is no worry of future and the past is left behind.  Being present in this very moment.  Accepting what is, right now.  Contentment & peace are my bliss.


I think it’s beyond time that we take a front seat in our self care to ensure our cup is full before we find ourselves void of anything left to give. My ongoing work is to carve time for what it is that I want in my life.  I do plenty of spontaneous things that bring me joy.  I do struggle with making time a priority and am aware that this puts me firmly in a state of lack. I consciously choose a routine that helps bring a sense of life-work balance.  Sometimes it flows and sometimes it goes completely sideways, and that is the beauty of it.  Going with that flow.


Looking back over the past decade, I can see the growth, the detours and the blocks.  I am fascinated by the road that I’ve ended up on.  It has taken me through many healing periods, brought new people into my circle and given me a sense of connection that I’ve been craving.  


I love that everyone has a story that has brought them to their current place.  Sharing our story, finding that commonality among our people, connecting at the heart level is where it’s at for me.

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Do I need a passport?

Yes! If you aren’t a resident of Mexico, you’ll need a passport to travel internationally. Be sure to check your airports recommended arrival times for departures, in our area we have to arrive 3 hours prior to departure for international travel (and they mean business!)

What time does the retreat start?

Welcome snack is at 230pm and our first class is at 6pm.  If you experience any delays, we will catch up with you when you arrive

Is participation in all activities and schedule mandatory? 

Absolutely not. This retreat is about your self discovery and we support you fully in doing what feels right for you. Take what you’d like and leave the rest or join us for them all. There will be no reward at the end for who does the most on the schedule ;)

What time does the retreat end?

We will have our last class at 930am followed by brunch at 1115am on the 28th. After that we will depart for the airport (or sooner if transportation and flight times are earlier

This is my first time traveling internationally, is there anything I should know?

Check your passport expiration date to ensure that it does not expire before or during your stay. Passport renewals are taking a bit longer right now, so if you do need to renew, do this as soon as possible

Check your airports recommended arrival times for departures, in our area we have to arrive 3 hours prior to departure for international travel

Check the airport packing list to see if you can bring the items you are planning on taking and the weight of the luggage you are allowed to bring. If you are bringing a carry on, read over carefully what is allowed to come on board the plane. Many people lose their grooming tools, lotions and sprays because of restrictions for carry on. Water must be purchased after you have gone through security but you can bring an empty bottle with you to fill. 

Ensure that you have transport from Cancun to Amansala and back. This might be organized by Amansala prior to arrival depending on when you land. Transportation is not covered in the retreat pricing. If you want to get a limo, don’t let anyone stop you!

I have food allergies/restrictions, what do I do?

Prior to arriving you will receive a registration form where you can list your allergies and restrictions.

Should I bring US currency for spending money?

I always like to travel with both US dollars and pesos. Most places accept US but it is good to have some pesos on hand (especially if you have trouble converting on the fly)

Will there be wifi?

Yes, there is free wifi access at the resort

Where do I fly into?

Cancun, Mexico!

I’m coming solo, will this be weird?

Absolutely not! I think that this is the most incredible way to travel solo. Booking a shared room? What a terrific opportunity to meet a new friend. 

What do I need to bring?

Upon registration you will receive a packing list and an automated email will go out before we depart with any updates and reminders

Any other questions?

How do I get to Amansala from Cancun airport?

You can book your own private transport prior to arrival or secure it at the airport. Amansala has also said that they do their best to coordinate a group transport depending on arrival times. They reach out to guests 30 days in advance of arrival to try to help with this.

I want to book with a friend/partner, can we share a room? 

Absolutely, as long as there is a shared room available, let us know who you want to room with and we can make that happen!

Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend this, yes. If you want to protect your trip, please ensure you have travel insurance. This will protect you if you cannot make the trip for any reason. We also highly recommend medical insurance. You can secure this through your bank/credit cards and other providers.

Are there any Covid 19 policies or restrictions?

Currently there are none.


All deposits are non-refundable

Any cancellations done 91 days or more prior to retreat start date: The deposit is transferable to another Retreat within the same calendar year of 2024

Any cancellations done 61-90 days prior to retreat start date: The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable

The balance (total cost minus the deposit) is not refundable, but it is transferable to a future Retreat within one year

Any cancellations done 0-60 days prior to retreat start date: All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable

Unforeseen Circumstances: 

We are not responsible for any of the following, and there will be no refunds nor discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays, injury, or illness. 

For additional protection due to any unforeseen circumstances, it is highly recommended that all participants purchase travel insurance at the time of booking the retreat. 

​Retreat Final Balance Late Payments: If your invoice is Early Bird Pricing and your payment is not received within 48 hours of your original due date, your invoice will move to Regular Pricing and be updated with your new due date plus the dollar difference between the pricing

If your invoice is Regular Pricing, and your payment is not received within 48 hours of your original due date, a $25 late fee will be added

**Any final balance payments not received within 72 hours of your original due date may result in a forfeiture of your booking.

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