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Reiki Master/Teacher

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This training is only offered as scheduled live online teaching with the option to attend live online or in person for the final class. There are yearly group Master Teacher trainings for students that have completed Level 1 + 2 and are ready to take the Master Teacher certification. Please check events for the next Master Teacher offering to register While practicing energy work you may find that your intuitive listening is turned up and now you're ready to take the final step on your Reiki journey. The trainings I offer for Master Teacher include a group of people with you. During the time we are together a shared text/audio thread is created where you can ask questions, find support and make life long friends who share the same interests as you. I am a part of the threads and actively engage with shares and questions. Watching the support networks form in the past groups I've held has been a most welcome surprise and one that I'm excited to continue. What is unique about this Master/Teacher certification? As an intuitive reader and bodyworker, I've developed methods to increase my inner awareness and trust in my own innate wisdom. With a strong focus on trusting your intuition, learn how to move with ease through the chakra centres, and how the energy that you receive gives you gifts of knowledge to share with your clients. This level is also dedicated to those who wish to create or grow an existing business. I have lowered the price so that I can teach and mentor more energy workers. You'll receive and learn: Teacher Level Master Attunement How To Become A Teacher Help With Growing A Business In Energy Clarity on Your Gifts and Purpose Mentorship In Business Master Symbol + Uses Support To Build Confidence in Teaching and Practicing How To Give Attunements How To Lead With Confidence Master/Teacher Certification *for optimum program performance, it is recommended that you download the Wix App

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