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Reiki First Degree

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When learning energy work, your intuitive listening is awakened and a steady balance of flow is created in life by the mindfulness that Reiki teaches us. This program is offered in 3 formats: •self study ($197) •live in person teaching ($244) •live online teaching ($244) (want to join live online or in person? Please visit events for dates) What is unique about this Reiki Level 1 certification? As an intuitive reader and bodyworker, I have developed methods to increase my inner awareness and trust in my own innate wisdom. With a strong focus on trusting your intuition, learning how to move with ease through the chakra centres, and how energy that you receive gives gifts of knowledge to share with your clients. You will learn: • How to create a practice of mindfulness that cultivates inner awareness and deepens your connection to innate knowing • History of Usui Reiki • An overview and understanding of the human energy system, aura and chakras as it relates to Level 1 • Teaching practice with giving and receiving Reiki • Guided meditations and visualizations First Degree is based on the practice of Reiki as it applies to self and your own healing. To become advanced at working with clients and giving Reiki to others, it is recommended you take Second Degree Reiki *for optimum program performance, it is recommended that you download the Wix App. Registration by e-transfer is available through

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