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Reiki Second Degree

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Expand and deepen your current relationship with energy work in Level 2 through the teaching of the sacred symbols. This program is offered in 3 formats: •self study ($197) •live in person teaching ($244) •live online teaching ($244) (want to join live online or in person? Please visit events for dates) Level 2 takes your understanding to greater energetic depths, crossing time and space. Cultivating a practice which includes working with client energy through distance, and many other energetic practices for yourself and others, including animals, food, and plants. You'll receive the second degree symbols to amplify the energy of your current practice, and also offer you the potential to work through no time and space. Explore the use of Reiki energy to clear rooms, both in the physical, and through distant sessions. Learn how to channel Reiki for people, and all living beings, in the physical and through distance, and also how to work with past energy through inner child work and the power of distance healing. Registration by e-transfer is available through

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