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Welcome Sister


Priestess Path


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Because you've arrived here, I know that we are walking the same path and doing the same work to heal the conditioned wounds that keep us separate from each other

And, at times, even fear each other 


We want our experiences with women to be different

We want what our ancestors had

We want community and connection to the divine

We know there is so much hidden in isolation waiting to be alchemized with a Sisterhood 


To this page, and to where you are in this exact moment 

No matter what you do or the roles you're playing, there is something bigger that's unfolding within you

The longing that you've been feeling to learn, gather and heal, is the magic that's guiding your every step, decision and choice

What am I talking about? 
Your path as a Priestess 
A sacred space-holder
And a keeper of wisdom

It's very likely that you have already walked this path before, in many, many lifetimes, and are returning, in this life,

to reclaim your seat as

What is a Priestess? 

She comes in so many forms 
The way that she serves is unique to only her, and the way she channels the divine
She is a space-holder
She is a bridge between the magical and mundane, the seen and unseen
She creates movement based on the ripples of her being
She is intentional in all that she does
She knows the power of her thoughts, emotions and behaviors
She is empowered, rising above hurt, shame and persecution
She embodies the feminine and holds space alongside the masculine
Duality is her nature
She is a paradox of wonder and wisdom
She believes

As above, so below. As within, so without

Women who have chosen to walk the Priestess Path, have answered a deep inner calling that requires soft strength, integrity and true dedication

What is a Priestess?
Image by Biel Morro

Not Everyone Gets All Of You. You Are A Privilege

What is the Priestess Path?

A 10 month feminine embodiment program that closes with the opportunity to take your Vows as a Priestess

A series of rituals, ceremonies and initiations guiding you towards your reclamation of sovereign strength, and a loving connection with this life

Deep dive into the ancient wisdom and sacred teachings of those who came before us walking the path of beauty, love and Spirit

Become attuned with all energies - nature and the elements, and learn how to use the innate wisdom of nature as a compass

Join in sacred circle, to uncover the deeper meaning of your existence and to serve as an embodiment of love to our Great Mother Earth and those who are still to come

This program serves as a container for the channeled wisdom that accelerates self-healing, spiritual expansion, and as a training for facilitators called to share this path with others

It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded sisters, on the same path of service and love - in support and reverence for one another

When given the opportunity and safe space to show up exactly as we are, with no need to hide, feel shame, or move into the shadows, amazing healing occurs.

When we are witnessed through our most vulnerable moments, and witness these in return, a transformation that is nothing short of alchemy takes place. This has been my experience with every circle I have shared space within, and it is my intention to hold that same space for you. A space where you are held, seen and supported, in whatever stage of growth you are in

This is the Priestess Sisterhood

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What is the Priestess Path?
Image by Alexandru Boicu

A Priestess is a Women who helps other connect to the Divine so they can heal and/or actualize their souls unique path
Dara Mckinley

Pink Flowers Blossom

You're Invited

To step into service of your highest Self, the one that knows she is a Priestess

To embrace your power, strength, softness and grace

To make taking care of yourself a ritual and celebration as a woman who holds so much space for others, as well as yourself

To become a lighthouse for others to awaken to their sovereign beauty, love and Spirit

To honor your inner Priestess, healer, and teacher

To learn how to trust your intuition and inner guidance beyond the limiting beliefs, self doubt and fear

You're Invited
Image by Biel Morro

A self-aware women is something to fear; she will speak the truth and make you see your own.

This is The Call To 

A sisterhood brings with it a rise in courage

The courage to fully arrive with your vulnerable, soft heart beating

It invokes the brave within us to discover our natural gifts and to share what they are with others

A sisterhood invites you to step into service of yourself, your sisters and your community, with the full alignment of your heart

This is the place we go to open our hearts, to receive the perfection of who we already are, and the fearlessness to step into the flow of our own river

We gather to honor the sacred feminine within and from that flow of energy, what is needed magically falls into place

Releasing the patriarchal desire to achieve, complete and accomplish for love

We find grace, ease and flow from the feminine in its purest form, the sensual, the sacred, the river

This is about harnessing our own natural flow of energy, and following the truths that arise, leading us towards a life full of abundance, alignment and ease

Call to Sisterhood
Image by Biel Morro

Melanie Dawn

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MD Symbol Navy.png

In the first part of 2021, I began to experience vivid dreams.

Dreams filled with 
insight and intelligence that I had no way of logically knowing. It seemed like each question I asked during my waking life, was answered immediately in dream space. 

I had been asking the Universe to guide me towards a whole and rounded teaching that I could offer. One that would allow me to include everything I have learned throughout my life. 

Through a series of dreams, The Priestess Path was born. It started out as a vision during my awake state, the word Priestess being seen or heard every day until I had my answer in my dreams. 

The last dream I had about being a Priestess was, upon awakening, while in a state known as "hypnogogia", I heard "Priestess, look up the word Priestess. You'll have your answer." 

I can honestly say, to this day, I have not been able to find that definition again. The one that described my life, my intentions, my Spirit, in the way that those words did. I knew in that moment, that this was the teaching. This was what I had been calling in. 

IMG_0285 5_edited.jpg

I sat with the idea inside my heart

I let it percolate, I allowed the thoughts of unworthiness to bubble up, and all I kept hearing was, "this is it, this is the one" 

Would I have called myself a Priestess before reading that elusive definition? No

But, I truly believe I found myself through that definition

I finally felt like I belonged, like I could sum up the power of the gifts I hold with this one word. A word that people know through vibration, even if they don't know it logically

I think the definition that I found that night, the one that disappeared, was only for me

I think if it's your path, like it is mine, you'll find your own definition and carve out your own meaning to your life, and she, The Priestess, gives you the power to do that

I think this is why I was called here

To gather those of you who are looking for me, for us, so that we can help each other elevate once again into our feminine embodiment, gentle strength and incredible gifts

This is The Priestess Path

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