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Updated: May 4, 2023

Are you one of them?

I used to be so afraid of the judgment that came with using the word “Healer”.

Healer holds a very loud charge for those that haven’t fully embodied their own inner healer, and it turns into a sore spot for many (as seen across social media platforms everywhere ;)

I was one of them.

In my Reiki and Priestess trainings, I cringed at using the term “healer”. This was to become part of my path - it was an initiation I had to take.

When sitting tall in the seat of inner-critic, we work really hard to keep ourselves separate from Source, and we also work really hard to make sure others aren’t comfortable with their gifts, too.

To see someone boldly embodying the title Healer, can be a little more than jarring for those of us that know we are, but still have an inner war going on.

Who am I to call myself a healer? Aren’t we all healers? And, my favorite, “we can only heal ourselves”

While I believe the last one WHOLEHEARTEDLY, I also believe that we are here together to facilitate our great healing, and to heal together. I truly believe that not one of us is meant to walk this path alone. No matter what, we eventually find each other. The ones that help us to heal, the ones that teach us through pain and love, the ones that mentor and guide us into our own deep seat of trust. We find the mirrors that serve us, elevate us, and activate us.

How Do You Know You’re a Healer? Here are 5 signs

You’re here

You’re here right now because there’s something in you that has been whispering (or yelling) for a long, long time. You’ve heard it echo through the walls of your heart, but you’ve let your ego talk you out of looking inside, because what’s inside, will change EVERYTHING

You’re already doing it

The healing work you’re so afraid of doing……you’re already doing it. Your friends know there’s something different about you - something soothing. You’ve probably heard it a million times that you are so easy to talk to, and that people just feel safe and calm around you. Your heart breaks easily for anyone in pain, and you feel everything SO deeply.

You feel stuck

The lessons you’ve come here to learn seem to keep slapping you in the face. No matter what you do, or how hard you try, you just can’t seem to make it past this specific lesson.

Until you become ALL of who you are, you’re going to keep repeating the lesson that takes your worth away from you. If your worth stays away from you, it’s easier to avoid standing in your power and walking the path of Healer. Our Ego and our Soul are always present. When we follow our Soul, we expand. When we go along with Ego, we contract. Ego is meant to keep you safe, keeping you safe means not acknowledging the incredible gift you have. It wasn’t always safe to be who you are, to use your voice, to heal outside of the conditioned norm. You were feared, your power was feared, and then we were extinguished.

But, we are not gone. We’re still here, reincarnated at this exact time, for this precise work.

You don’t know how you do it

Maybe you get “downloads” or intuitive inklings, but you can’t always understand them, or even know what to do with them. This is an exciting beginning, and this is HUGE. Once you know that there is information coming in, it’s time to get curious about when it comes and why it comes. This helps you to learn the language of how Source communicates with only you. We each have our own language that is understood by the Universe, and it is communicating back to us in the EXACT same way. If you feel everything, the Universe is sending you “knowings” or sending you a feeling that you have known before. If you are a visual person, the Universe may be sending you images, numbers, symbols and signs. Maybe you love music - you’ll likely receive your messages from the Universe when you listen to music that opens the heart and mind. You may even be able to hear words or whole phrases. The list goes on and on, but look at who you are and how you live in this world and watch for signs that match that.

You’re the black sheep of your family

You don’t really let a lot of people into your intimate and curious world. Your family seems so different from you, and you’re not really sure what they’d do if they knew how you really felt and saw the world. You’re just different, and you always have been. This is a gift. I firmly believe that our families were perfectly matched to cause us to expand, challenge ourselves and do our most deep, healing work and this forces us to fully accept ourselves first.

You came here to be a light. Your light is needed, and you are needed.

As you rise into the seat of Healer, remember these 3 things:

You are perfectly on time.

You have everything you need.

And, if you need community - you know where to find me :)


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