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An integrated training for soul seekers, teachers and self study

Rapid Physical Healing

Yoga Nidra
a sacred wisdom practice that works with

Liberated Inner Dialogue

Limiting Beliefs

Spiritual Evolution

Less Inner Judgement

Newfound Joy


Heightened Learning States

Conscious Reconstruction

Less Self Doubt

Purple Epoxy

 The ancient practice of psychic sleep

 A sacred journey into the depths of consciousness where the mundane dissolves into the ethereal realms of the soul. As one surrenders to the embrace of stillness, the physical body rests while the spirit embarks on an enchanting voyage through the corridors of the subconscious mind. Through the artful guidance of a trained practitioner, the seeker traverses landscapes of dreams, weaving through the tapestries of their innermost desires and fears. Each breath becomes a whisper from the cosmos, each sensation a gentle caress from the divine, guiding the seeker into a state of profound relaxation and self-awareness.

The benefits of delving into the enigmatic realms of Yoga Nidra are as boundless as the cosmos itself. From alleviating stress and anxiety to unlocking the dormant potentials of the mind, this mystical practice holds the keys to unlocking the hidden treasures within. With dedicated training and practice, one can awaken to a newfound clarity of purpose, a heightened sense of intuition, and a deep-seated connection to the universal energy that flows through all beings.


Are you ready to be initiated into the mysteries of Yoga Nidra, to embark upon a transcendent odyssey, where the veils of illusion are lifted, and the soul dances freely in the symphony of creation, forever transformed by the magic of inner exploration.

Yoga Nidra

Are your ready to free yourself from repetitive patterning?

About your Teacher

a mentorship-based teacher training, designed to elevate your understanding of nidra, create a relationship with your inner voice, and free yourself from repetitive patterning by healing out of date subconscious programming

When you're ready - this is a profoundtransformational Journey

About Your Teacher

I knew from my first Yoga Nidra training that this was not my "first'' experience with Yoga Nidra. Learning and practicing nidra felt like a homecoming. I was instantly pulled into understanding the practice and have immersed myself in the study of Yoga Nidra through practical application, teachings, and the channel of infinite wisdom. This practice has completely changed my life and became a calling for me to share.


As your guide, I offer my knowledge and intellect of yogic studies, and energetic teachings, as well as my open channel to the Universal Spirit. I deeply feel like this training is the culmination of all my studies as an Intuitive, Yoga Teacher, Coach and Mentor.

Teacher Training

Radically Rewrite Your Life Through Rest

This training includes practice teaching and discussion, demonstration and lecture. Participants will finish the training with the encouragement to step into the power of their voice, offer their teachings in a way that is in alignment with the calling of your heart. 

All modules will be live teaching delivered online, with an invite to a private Facebook group to encourage connection and support throughout the training

You will also receive, The Portal - Yoga Nidra Teacher Training manual

(Replays and self-paced training available)

Homework for teachers is to be completed between 2nd and 3rd weekends 

  • Read Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati 

  • Create a script to guide from on our final teaching day           (even if you don’t read from a script this will help store the system in your cells)

  • Complete 30 days of yoga nidra between our 2nd and 3rd weekend, journal your experiences 

Unlock The Limitless Possibilities Within Yourself

Image by Razvan Mirel


Begin by filling out registration form below


Space is limited to ensure attention and engagement



Teacher Certification $997

(3 weekends live)

Flexible payment plans are available, choose payment plan ticket and I'll be in touch

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Additional Nidra Information

Interested In Learning More About Nidra? Read Through Some Of My Blogs Below

Your Energetic Biography.png

You know that feeling when you just……know.


You know that person is a good person, with good intentions.


And, you know when you have an off feeling about someone, and it’s later proven to be true, but you don’t know what this is or how you know.


You just know.


The reason is really simple.


Sankalpa is the agreement within yourself that you are already whole.


The majority of our life is created by an unconscious dialogue based on past experiences.


Each past experience, limiting our ability to be fully present with our current reality.


Our heart and Spirit came to us with this earthly body, already whole. Through societal, constructed conditioning, our minds have adopted the beliefs that keep us safe.


How to Find Your Sankalpa.png

The practice of communicating with your Highest Self is one of quieting the Ego, bringing the body and mind into the same place at the same time.


As you create space from a neutral canvas, stepping away from the wheel of samskara, you can observe and illuminate parts of the ego that are identifying with fear patterning, and make space for messages from higher consciousness.


Through inquiry and a practice of truthful, authentic communion with Universal consciousness, you can excavate your Sankalpa.



Insight Timer

Melanie infuses all of her practices with the guidance of her heightened intuition. Channeling the voice of the Universe translated in a way that only she can, through the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Student Training


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