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Sankalpa is the agreement within yourself that you are already whole.

The majority of our life is created by an unconscious dialogue based on past experiences.

Each past experience, limiting our ability to be fully present with our current reality.

Our heart and Spirit came to us with this earthly body, already whole. Through societal, constructed conditioning, our minds have adopted the beliefs that keep us safe.

Safety and acceptance are the number one priorities of the lower minds, the subconscious and unconscious, preferring survival over growth.

As consciousness rises, you are called back home towards the pure and true essence of your heart.

Here is where you’ll find your Sankalpa.

Your Sankalpa already exists within you. It always has.

It’s your truth, your Heart Truth.

This truth will be something that you are seeking or searching for externally, unaware that you already have it within. When you drop your Sankalpa in at the beginning and end of your yoga nidra practice, you access the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is open and receptive to absorb this reclaimed belief in the state of Alpha, where you are aware enough to have will, but soft enough to release logic.

Sankalpa is always said in the form of I am, or alternatively, in present tense. You are not becoming, you already are.

What’s happening, is that you are remembering you are whole, and overriding the beliefs that you have downloaded to keep you safe and oftentimes small.

It’s a powerful conviction of WHOLENESS said with faith and knowing that it’s already so.

Many profound changes begin to occur with a regular and devoted practice of Yoga Nidra, and even more when you understand the medicine of nidra.

You vibrate the frequency of the Sankalpa that you are working with. This new thought projected onto your external environment, where it inevitably will meet resistance as the old beliefs struggle to be validated and reinforced.

This is what is known as the Internal Map shifting.

This can create chaos as your inner world is working to uproot old beliefs that no longer support your evolution of consciousness. It can be a difficult time for anyone working with a Sankalpa. Know that this is an important part of your journey and like all things, will not last forever. Working with a strong guide and being a strong guide for your students is part of the teaching. If you teach the practice, hold space for your students, and yourself, to experience this journey. Release attachment to the outcome and trust that all is in perfect timing and alignment for growth.

This is the homecoming

A dedicated practice of non-attachment makes for a special guide. The true art of holding space is allowing what needs to come, come. Resist the desire to curate a potential outcome, and to assume that something needs to be fixed. Trust each moment is exactly as it should be.

Each thought/idea has a frequency

The frequency with which we think these thoughts develops an imprint within the mind. You will notice if you’re having a bad day, you attract more of what you don’t want. If you’re having a good day, it seems to flow and you easily attract what you desire. This is like a preset inside the mind.

Where attention goes, energy flows

Attaching the intensity of KNOWING to your Sankalpa, broadcasts a new frequency to your mind, body and energy field. It alters your frequency.

By adopting your Sankalpa, you commit to give what you wish to receive.

If you desire more love, be more loving.

If you desire to be seen, see others.

If you long to be accepted, become more accepting.

You are the cause of the effect you want to create

This is the power of Sankalpa. You create the shift internally, and the world mirrors it back.

In love and gratitude,


If you are curious about becoming a Yoga Nidra Guide, trust that this may be a calling. Your voice is needed, and this practice is medicine. Join me in my next container - The Portal, where we dive deep into the study of nidra


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