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 embrace the journey


When you come into a harmonious and safe relationship with your Spirit, and spirituality, you become unstoppable - in work, love and life.


You become a radiant magnet for what you desire, you inspire those around you to fully embody themselves, you integrate all the pieces of yourself that you had given power by hiding or repressing.

It’s felt across time.

This is you.


Upcoming Trainings

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The Priestess Path

Welcome Sister

Learn how to trust your intuition and inner guidance beyond the limiting beliefs, self doubt and fear.

Make taking care of yourself a ritual and celebration as a woman who holds so much space for others, as well as yourself.

Become a lighthouse for others to awaken to their sovereign beauty, love and Spirit. Honor your inner Priestess, healer, and teacher.

Connect with like-minded sisters, on the same path of service and love - in support and reverence for one another.

Gather with us, so that we can help each other elevate once again into our feminine embodiment, gentle strength and incredible gifts.




The Portal

Training for Soul Seekers

a mentorship-based teacher training, designed to elevate your understanding of nidra, create a relationship with your inner voice, and free yourself from repetitive patterning by healing out of date subconscious programming

Welcome yourself home

Reduce anxiety

Improve memory

Breakthrough personality constructs

Heal through all layers of self

This practice is life altering and has the potential for true alchemy to those who are committed.

This is for you if you're tired of chasing your tail trying to manifest a reality that is out of sync with your inner world.

Life altering. Truly.

If you are a yoga teacher - YA certified for 45 contact hours of CE

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Reiki Trainings

Where Spirituality Meets Energetics

Become A light worker

These trainings are here to remind you that this work

and this teaching are valid and needed


This is meant to change your life and shift the perspective of this work



he world needs you to feel this way


The world needs more people who KNOW, UNDERSTAND and EMBRACE gifts like yours 

This world needs humans who COURAGEOUSLY own who they are




Unsure Of Your Path?

Melanie has profound knowledge in her teachings.


She adds her own authentic perspectives that makes it even that much more alluring, captivating and relatable.

Even though the training was over Zoom and not in person, Melanie has a sensational gift of making you feel like she is sitting right next to you.


The energy she emits and radiates is something that must be experienced. 

Mel’s entire presence is felt deeply, and her spoken words are proof of magic.


With the upmost gratitude, I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone & everyone

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-Natalie Pinchak

Intuition Is Trustworthy Energy is Real  Tune in

My Story

Melanie Dawn

Half of my life I spent trying to be less “this”, and more of “that”. 

I tried to hide how I spoke to the Universe (Spirit/Source/God/Nature), and how I heard the Universe speak back to me


I was deadly accurate. 


There was no denying that this connection existed. BUT -  I still craved what the rest of the world had - a degree, a certification, a tool, or just anything that validated what I was doing and what I was experiencing, was real.


I had to go through many initiations where my heart was broken open and apart, until I finally understood that it was me who was breaking my own heart. 

I wasn’t listening. 

I wasn’t in alignment with who I was meant to become. 


I was acting out a story that I thought was my story. 


But, it wasn’t my story, and it likely isn’t yours either. 


It was the story given to women born in my generation, and I wasn’t meant for it.

I was meant to be a leader, and work with leaders.

I was meant to follow my heart, and when I did, I learned the language that the Universe speaks. 


I was meant to take my type A personality and bless the Spirit world with it. 

I was meant to bring prosperity and respect back to the Healers.

I know how to receive, and I can teach others how to do it, too. 

This is the path I’m on. 


It’s an evolution. 

It’s a catalyst. 

It’s everything. 


I can’t sum it up, so I won’t.

But, I need you to know - if you work with me, you’re a leader. You may not believe it yet, neither did I, but I can say with certainty that you are here to make a ripple.


This is a Spiritual Reclamation led by the Healers. 

The healers who have released their dogma surrounding money and authority. 


The healers who know that service is not meant to make you broke, ineffective, and disrespected.

Our ancestors were sought far and wide for their gifts. They were respected and revered. 

That is in you, and it’s in me. 

This is why I’m here. 


I’m here as a guide - guiding you to the authority that you have in every cell of your being.

You are the catalyst. You are the Rising. You are the Healer. 

In awe, always.




Coach • Mentor • Energy Educator

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Master/Teacher Usui Reiki Practitioner

Yoga Nidra and Limiting Beliefs Guide 

Yin Yoga Teacher

About Me
Misty Forest

The Portal Yoga Nidra training is hands down one of the best trainings I have ever done. Not only did I do a lot of work on myself, but the content and the way Melanie Dawn presents it was engaging and interesting. I am so thankful to have found Melanie and this training. I would recommend this training to anyone, whether you want to teach or not. The self discovery alone is more than worth it.

Angela M.


A podcast for the spiritually curious, the spiritually serious and everyone in between
Integrating spirituality and spiritual practices while creating and growing in your career, family, and life.


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