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There are a lot of courses that teach you how to listen to your intuition and many people seek out Reiki to help them unlock their own intuition. 

This is a catch 22. 

Use these courses to be skeptical, to stand on your own two feet as the teacher of your intuition. The guidance you receive may not be for you and that’s beyond OK. You may have something new to teach or a new way to learn that any great teacher would love to hear about. Tap into your own innate wisdom and use these programs and courses to help bolster your inner discernment. Learn to see what is a pattern or Samskara that is causing your ego to dilute your intuition. 

As a teacher of Reiki, I want you to question what you think you “know” because everything you know is based in the past. Only when you learn to become fully present and conscious do you live in the now with the possibility for healing (yes, physical and emotional) and change. Here’s some things you might be experiencing if you’re operating from ego:

  1. You feel dull and tired all the time no matter how much you sleep

When you are working against your natural knowing, we make choices that go against what connects us to our highest self and source of power. The depletion that you feel goes much deeper than not getting enough rest, it is not eating right, not prioritizing what you need, not cleaning up your space so that you can find the calm you need to be able to hear yourself “think”

  1. You repeat patterns and cycles that you swore you’d never do again

How many times are you going to do the same thing? I ask myself this often and the answer is always the same. I’m really afraid to change. When you’re afraid to change, even if it’s for the better, you will die on the hill that you are familiar with. You have to be ready to get outside your comfort zone and follow through with the choices you make when you do hear clearly from your heart. The discomfort is your EGO, the inspiration was your intuition. I have seen it in myself and so many clients. We convince ourselves that the familiar choices we are making are what is in our best interest or don’t matter all that much. They aren’t and they do. You know this. It’s why you’ve turned off your intuition. 

  1. You often say “If I’d only listened to myself I wouldn’t be here” 

Guess who said this after getting a speeding ticket? Yep, it was me. I knew I needed to slow down, I felt the feelings of getting pulled over but I let my ego (and the fact that I was late) override my true knowing. If I had only listened I would have saved myself the embarrassment of getting pulled over and knowing better and I might have arrived at my appointment just a few minutes late instead of 20. There are so many times that this happens and the only time we pay attention is when we’re being punished. Think about all the times you did listen and don’t know the potential outcome of what could’ve happened. You are not alone when you listen, you have a whole Universe of wisdom guiding you. 

  1. You get headaches. A lot of them

Oh, the overthinkers. The ones that get stuck up in their heads about how and why something might happen and all the different things you need to do to get something to happen. This is a form of control. Control comes from your ego. Your ego is constantly working to keep you safe and protected, not growing and thriving. It’s sole mission is to remain the same (and alive). Let yourself go. You don’t need to know all the answers and visit every scenario of your life 15000 times. That’s an old pattern that is screaming to the Universe “I don’t trust you”

  1. You ask a lot of questions seeking answers that you already know

Ah, the lifelong student. A disciple at heart - but are you really? Or, were you raised to question every move that you make, having to run it past someone else before you believe you are right. What would it feel like to really come “home” to what you know is right, and maybe what you know is right, the world isn’t ready for. What if you’re the person with the idea or perception that shifts and changes everything for others. How could you ever become this when you look for validation at every checkpoint. Maybe you’re not going to change the world, but you could very well be missing out on your changed world. The world where you don’t second guess yourself, you listen to your heart, and you feel strong enough in your inner wisdom that you aren’t swayed by every breeze or storm that comes your way. 

The only way out of these cycles is in and through. You can’t bypass getting to know your own inner voice and trusting someone else’s. They won’t always be there but you will. I’m passionate about students having the freedom to become the teacher. I don’t know everything but I do know how I learned to seek answers within first and trusting myself to the point of saying “this may not resonate right now but it will” in each session. If you’re looking for a program that empowers you to trust yourself, seek a teacher that believes in you. Less rules the better ;)


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