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There is an underlying shame attached to claiming my inner priestess, and I want to go into the middle of it.

As a Priestess, I think it’s my duty to understand the resistance to something that felt so right upon hearing it, and upon knowing it.

It’s not always been safe for women to gather.

It's not always been safe for women to become vulnerable with each other, support each other, and ultimately become powerful with each other.

There was a time when women who gathered together were labeled “witch”, "dangerous", “too wild”, and so it went, that any women who showed much authority over herself, her body, her practices, was risking her life, and at the bare minimum, risking being rejected from her community. These women were trained to hide in the shadows and disguise who they were. They were taught that practicing outside of faith was evil, and that other women were to be seen as competition. A real feel of lack was overarching all the qualities of the feminine, and that still vibrates within us. Our cells remember.

This shame about who we are as Priestesses can delay our return to the path. It can slow us down, make us depressed, angry, bitter. All of the very things we are told we are if we show any signs of wanting more, needing more.

I cast my own judgements out to the tribe in anticipation of being rejected. Those that are already walking the path won’t think I’m enough, everyone will think I’ve gone crazy, or, the big one, what if I’m doing it wrong?

What if I am doing it wrong? Why does that scare me so much. Why would learning something new be interpreted as “I’m wrong”, not, what I’m doing isn’t the only way, or the way it's always been done. Why do I own the shame of possibly not doing something “right”.

When did I decide being perfect, was safe? And, when did I decide that being "safe" was the perfect place to hide.

If we don’t show up and face these possible “rejections” we run the risk of never sharing our medicine. Our divine unique gift, whether it be your voice, your hands, your energy, is meant to be shared. It is meant to be an offering to your community, to the world, and to yourself.

This may look like cleaning up a beach, planting a garden, speaking to thousands, sharing a practice. Whatever or however it comes through you, is meant to scare you. It’s meant to scare you because it’s your power. And as a woman, you have been conditioned to fear this power.

The patriarchy has done a damn fine job of disabling the feminine. It’s done an excellent job of making us believe we’re weak, or not enough. That something is innately wrong with the way we feel, think and MOVE. That’s because who you are, and what the feminine is, is powerful.

You are powerful beyond measure, so I challenge you to ask yourself the same question - what is at the root of my shame? And is it even mine to hold? Is it truth as I know it?

You are destined to be here from your first breath, you were destined to be here right now. What is it that's stopping you from reclaiming the magic of your being?

Embrace the embodiment of the potent feminine which is already within you. Release the shame from stored memories of the past, and free yourself. Free yourself so that you can offer your medicine.

Your sisters are waiting.

With Love, She Rises



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