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Updated: Aug 13, 2021


A word with sacred resonance, holding a considerable amount of space for the divine feminine to rise through.

A word that has been used across time to describe the indescribable, but often thought of as a woman who has the power of the divine feminine within her, and uses this power in service of the highest good.

A woman who walks her walk. You know her the moment you see her. This woman breathes fire, and sheds rivers.

You might very well BE this woman, living lifetime after lifetime, remembering the sacred power of your inner Priestess. Maybe you’ve felt her here, inside you, all along, or maybe…you’re just beginning the awakening.

5 Signs That You’re a Modern Day Priestess


Whether you trust yourself enough to listen, you always know the right answer. This can be an especially painful lesson as you move back into your power. We often feel so much of everything around us, that our intuition gets lost in there. But, there’s no denying, you always, always, always knew.


Your friends know where to go when they need to be supported. You are the safest landing place, feeling every piece of their story with them from the well of empathy within you. You always seem to know when to offer advice, and when you see the solution is just being heard. You have an uncanny ability of seeing and feeling what others don’t.


You don’t trust easily, and it’s hard for you to feel safe with most people. Despite people opening up to you almost instantly, you struggle to connect on a deeper level with just anyone. Because of this, your circle is often small. It may not appear that way on the outside, but there are only a few select people you let see the shadows in your heart.


This is worse for you than others, and your friends often say that you take things too hard. It stings you to your core and leaves you feeling uneasy and unsure. This can be from a cellular memory of a past life, where being thrown out of the community didn’t just mean loneliness, it could have meant death. Although, we are no longer living in those times, the memories and their vibration are unconsciously held within your being. As you step more, and more, into your power of divine authority, these fears begin to heal and the fear of rejection dissolves into love.


You’re a well of emotions. You feel so intensely the impact of your existence. You may have been called “too sensitive”, “too dramatic”, and “too much” at times, but this is your superpower. Once you learn to heal the wounding of the Priestess, this ability to feel deeply turns into medicine for the world. You were given so many broken hearts to make space for the suffering of the world, and to offer your medicine of healing in your own unique way. For some of the modern Priestess’ this could look like volunteering in your community, leading a womens’ circle, minding a garden, or feeding your friends and loved ones. You turn mundane things in sacred acts, you devote your whole being to service in some form or another. For some of us, this has taken the shape of mothering, whether they’re your children, your community or mother Earth, you see how things are sacred.

If these sound like you, welcome dear Priestess. Welcome home to the remembrance of your divine feminine. The soft power that has been within you all along. I remember being woken by a dream and hearing the words “Priestess, look it up”. From that moment forward, I felt like I had finally come home. Finally landed back home into my power and that all of the teachings and trainings I had taken along the way, were flooding me with the medicine needed to share this path with my community, my own Sisterhood.

One of the most healing things a Priestess can do for herself is to find a Sisterhood. One where she feels safe, seen and in good company. A resonance is being cast out amongst us, this is a call that will keep coming, if you hear it now. It’s the call to walk The Priestess Path. As the world shifts energetically, the timing has never been more divine to step forward and reclaim your lineage.

If any of these signs resonated with you, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

With Love, She Rises


Hearing the call of the Priestess?

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