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My Reiki Transformation

Updated: May 4, 2023

How the 21-day self-healing commitment changed my life

When I was growing up, I was constantly medicated. I had strep throat NUMEROUS times, as well as chronic ear infections that were so painful, I thought about taking my life. As a teen I developed chronic gastritis, the doctors believe from acute stress of what I was going through at school. I accepted this as something I couldn’t change. It was painful, burning and made eating less enjoyable. I often threw up after eating, my stomach would hurt so bad.

Later, I developed IBS. I was in and out of the doctors with digestive issues and stomach problems and considered this normal.

I have been on antibiotics more times in my younger years than ever in my adult years. What changed.

I found Reiki.

Once I found reiki, it opened me up to the possibility of the energy body and the influence that it has on our physical body. I began to explore the root causes of my suffering and how my mental/emotional layer was impacting my physical.

As soon as I became aware of my own energy body, I learned how to see my own root causes. I stopped treating myself with pills and began to get in touch with my whole body - not just the physical body.

I can’t say that I rely solely on reiki to keep me healthy, but it is, and always will be, the opening of the door to my deep dive into myself where I learned how to unlock my own inner healer by simply being present with myself.

If you look at my pictures, when I was 22, you can see I’m battling with inflammation in my face. I was also battling an intense level of anxiety (cue the stomach issues) and control. The control showed up as outbursts of rage and self-sabotage.

When I began to do my self-treatments, I went from 142 pounds to 132 in a matter of weeks. I stopped experiencing stomach pains and became familiar with intuitive eating.

I could do this only because I was pausing long enough to listen. The 21-day self-healing period literally changed my life.

Is it all Reiki, no. But Reiki opened the door, and I wouldn’t be here or who I am today without it.


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