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The Power of Consciousness

Just under a decade ago I underwent a huge healing transformation and found my voice, my confidence and what ultimately ended up being a reclamation of my self worth. This all happened after a weekend spent immersed in the teachings of yoga nidra. 

Some people might roll their eyes at this, they’ve never experienced it. I was probably one of those people before to be honest. 

Top CEO’s, celebrities, public speakers and successful people often cite daily meditation and intention setting as a main reason for their ability to remain focused and achieve their goals. Yoga nidra has been called NSDR to open it up to the mainstream public and access more people because it is necessary and needed. Andrew Huberman speaks at length on the power that lies within a meditative technique like yoga nidra. 

For me, it’s allowed me to get past my fake confident exterior to see the scared and small child who had been operating my life for 35 years. So many of the reasons and beliefs I had, when brought to the light, were proven to be false - no longer true. 

Becoming the witness inside of yoga nidra is where my healing journey truly began and how I became such a power energy worker and reiki practitioner. 

It was like taking off foggy glasses. I could see myself and others so much more clear. 

I had this powerful shift in my healing after just 20 hours listening to the wisdom of and practicing yoga nidra. Imagine if you spent 7 days immersed in this focused energy? 

I know I will come home a brighter, better version of myself. There’s zero doubt in my mind. I am excited to see how the Universe matches my frequency after I’ve committed to valuing myself in this way and going back to reclaim more of myself again. 

Yoga nidra has held me through - heartbreak, anger, loss, and so much more. Every day I’m grateful for finding it and still in awe at how each step I’ve taken has led me here. 

Combined with sacred blessings by local Priestesses/Priests this retreat is shaping up to be a spoonful of medicine. I’m grateful to have followed my heart to be here. Will you follow yours?

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1 Comment

Cathyann Jones
Cathyann Jones
5 days ago

Hi Melanie Dawn, I am a student in Reiki 2 with you and wanted to give a progress report. First of all, thank you for your energy and your online course. It is the perfect path for me. 🫶🏼 That being said, it is a growth opportunity way deeper than I had anticipated, especially combined with the Yoga Nidra. Whoa, Girl😛 I find the Yoga Nidra to be so calming, and very hypnotic in helping me reach deeper levels of self. I have accessed younger childhood memories that I had long protected. This morning I found my 3 year old inner-child that had just lost her Mommie in a car wreck. The Reiki 2 work helped me comfor…

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