What Separates Success From The Rest

I want it to be as simple as hard work, but it’s not. Most of the hard work is done in the trenches at a job you have little to no passion for and might even actually dread.

It is, instead, as simple as the way we think that separates us. A successful mindset comes equipped with solutions, whereas, the others can only see more problems and the world as a hopeless place.

This may be a trigger for some of you habitual pessimists, but take a good, long look at your life. Are you really enjoying it? Do you find pleasure in the small things or are you constantly focused on what needs to be fixed. It’s such a catch 22 this mentality, because, when you focus on the problem, you’re very often not able to shift to solutions. Maybe, you don’t see yourself as worthy and that everyone else has it easier, again, this is powered by the mind. You DO have power over your own life. Stop looking at what others have, that you do not.

Ask yourself today, am I focusing on a problem I can’t resolve, or, can I offer a solution through my day to day practices and thoughts that will change MY life for the better.

Maybe you don’t see the changes you can make as being valuable, maybe you believe something more grandiose needs to happen. Gandhi began on his own, taking small stands and by sharing his beautiful mind with others, he created a following simply because of the way he thought. He started small and gained momentum and became one of the most powerful thought leaders of all time.

This works both ways.