Who Am I

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

In a world where we are defined by roles and relationships, who are you really?

We Are Equal Parts Sun and Moon, Shadow and Light

Who am I ?

I struggled a bit with writing an introduction to who I am. I dislike labeling, but I seem to be in a lifestyle business that needs to attach title and accomplishment to the end of who we are. The more trainings and modalities the better. In truth, my mind fogs over when I read so many labels. We are not these things. They are not us.

We Are Not These Things, They Are Not Us

My roles in this lifetime that reflect who I am in this moment are: mom, yoga student, yoga teacher, intuitive reader, partner, daughter, sister, friend. I have listed some of my trainings on my webpage but in no way do those define me. They are what I’ve learned and been certified for...but, what about what I KNOW. What about what I was born with that didn’t come certified. I struggled with this for a long time.