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Who Am I

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

In a world where we are defined by roles and relationships, who are you really?

We Are Equal Parts Sun and Moon, Shadow and Light

Who am I ?

I struggled a bit with writing an introduction to who I am. I dislike labeling, but I seem to be in a lifestyle business that needs to attach title and accomplishment to the end of who we are. The more trainings and modalities the better. In truth, my mind fogs over when I read so many labels. We are not these things. They are not us.

We Are Not These Things, They Are Not Us

My roles in this lifetime that reflect who I am in this moment are: mom, yoga student, yoga teacher, intuitive reader, partner, daughter, sister, friend. I have listed some of my trainings on my webpage but in no way do those define me. They are what I’ve learned and been certified for...but, what about what I KNOW. What about what I was born with that didn’t come certified. I struggled with this for a long time.

You Are So Much More Than The Learnings You've Been Taught

Underneath all that, there is something that isn’t defined by any of those things, I am a seeker, a knower, a lover, a gatherer, I rage and cry, I laugh and smile. I’m a bundle of human emotions in a constant state of expression. I cannot define myself by who I was yesterday, as hard as I try, I am never the same.

I am not my roles, I am not my relationships. All of these can be taken from me. I am so much deeper. So are you.

Who Are You?

If you were to ask yourself who you are, would half or more of the list be what roles you play?

What is the magic that is underneath the story. What gifts have you come to share?

These are the things I’m longing to know about you. We are all playing parts, but what is it that motivates you, what is it that strengthens you, what is it that breaks you? Because, if we don’t know these things, we are at the mercy of what others decide for us. We are told in direct and indirect ways of how to conform, how to fit into this small space that you’re “given”. These spaces don’t exist. We decide how big or small we are. We decide if the price is worth the outcome.

We Decide

Choose the way you live. It’s vulnerable, it’s scary, it’s unpredictable. But, oh my gosh, is it rewarding.

Reach out, speak out. Let others know how they can support you, let others know you are here to support them.

Live your life not afraid to be a fool. Isn’t that what keeps us small? We fear we might look foolish if we fail or too arrogant if we succeed. The best remedy I’ve found if you feel like that - try finding a new circle of people who live their lives otherwise.

Find those who focus so much on their own personal goals that the sound of yours is inspiration to them. They get excited for you, they encourage you. They support you.

Find a community that is centered around love, I swear to you they are out there.

Finding A Community

You’ll find us when you show up and begin to share. I’ll be there waiting for you, in one form or another, you’ll find people like me who want to see what you can do. They want to see how big you can be and how impactful you’ll become.

I can’t define myself today and I probably won’t be able to tomorrow either. I hope you sense the love inside me as you read my words and trust that your inner knowing, knows me, as I do you.



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