5 Signs You Might Be A Wounded Healer

It’s been a long and arduous journey for our ancestors and ourselves. The power we once had as Healers became feared and extinguished, we learned to shrink back through every cell of our being to stay safe. When we started to shrink back, we became invisible. A fear was developed of being seen, and with being seen comes the feeling of being valued.

The Healers of the past went from being revered far and wide, to feared far and wide. Those who sought us out began to believe the rhetoric of who we were: evil, untrustworthy, devil worshippers, ungodly, casting spells and stealing children. And so began a new era of hiding who you were for fear of being punished, and at times, being killed.

This created a frequency of fear surrounding a Healer's want to be seen and to feel valued. To feel valued meant we had to be seen again, and we had to risk being seen for who we truly are - a non-conformist who lives a sacred life attuned to the frequencies of energy and the cycles of nature.

You’re being moved through many initiations while reclaiming your healing hands, here are 5 SIGNS YOU MAY BE A WOUNDED HEALER:


Even seeing that word may make you cringe and have a visceral reaction that I would dare bring up money and healing side by side. This was programmed into the wounded healer when her worth was stolen from her. When her gifts were tossed aside and turned against her, our cells were programmed to refuse the thoughts that our gifts were valuable. Instead, we see our gifts as a flaw, or something that needs to be hidden for fear of rejection. There are many, many Healers afraid to receive money for the work that they do. They overlook the sacred law of energy exchange to appease the belief that they are not worthy (or, that others are worth more) - and in some way we are fundamentally wrong. You are here at this time, to raise the vibration of this frequency. If you struggle with this exchange, you are here to fully accept your gifts, that you are valuable, and so are your services.


You take your time. You take longer than necessary to do almost everything. This is an old wound. It’s the part of yourself that dreads completing anything for fear of being judged. You know all too well the consequences of being judged and your body remembers. If you never complete anything, you’ll never be noticed, and you’ll be safe. The safety of our ancestors, and the horrors that they endured, are not our current struggles. Our current struggles live within us in the form of thoughts and stories. We tell ourselves that we’ll be ready when this happens, or when that person stops judging me. We have forgotten just how valuable time is, and that it stops for no one in this life. You reincarnated here, right now, for this rising. You are here at the exact moment you need to be to feel the courage that it will take to Rise.