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Collective Grief

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

A new normal will exist after this. We will never, not know this

There is a grieving taking place for our old life, the one where we thought we had all the answers. Look at how fast things can change. See how quickly things are evolving. Our eyes have been opened to pieces of ourselves we haven’t seen in a long time, we’ve been forced inward. 

I am grieving, you are grieving and through this collective grief, we will feel more connected. Our understanding will deepen, we will be cracked open and from there the light will begin to touch our hearts once again. 

I am grieving the sense of control I thought I had. But, with the release of this control, I will find peace, if I let myself. This means I no longer need to have all the answers. This means that I move with my hunches and intuitions in a way I was resisting. This is true flow. 

In the transition from normal to now, I met a piece of myself that I hadn’t seen before. I became aware of the collective energy channel running through me that I have been overlooking. 

I had a strong understanding come over myself that by Wednesday this week, we will begin to see the light back in our days. That the collective breath we have all been holding, will breathe a sigh of relief. We will begin to find gratitude and balance for what feels forced upon us. We will meet it with grace and ease through the practice of Aparigraha, non-attachment. We will see the suffering in what we have clung to and the freedom that exists outside of this. 

What a time to be thinking of freedom - when we have never been more restricted. 

You’ve been digging deep, and, this week, you’ll find the freedom that exists within. The freedom that comes from meeting all the dark and light that form the makings of you. You are meeting it with compassion and a, previously unknown, capacity to hold space for yourself. This is all being supported by your community that is sending you messages of love and understanding.

The collective sigh is coming. Get ready to breathe. 


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