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Cultivating Mindfulness

Enriching your daily life with these 3 doses of pure BE-ing

Slow Down, Breathe

Sounds simple enough. But, it isn't always that easy. Our mind is a very, very powerful tool that can be used as a healing tool or a weapon for your mental health. Sometimes, even consciously slowing down your breath can lead you right back into the corners of your mind. I've put together a few useful techniques that I have used in my most recent battle of the mind.

Get Intentional

What are you doing that isn't working anymore? We can find ourselves in stressful situations simply because we are afraid of the word NO. How many times have you said YES in the moment to spare someones feelings or to avoid confrontation. A short 3-4 minutes of what could potentially be awkward has now turned into hours, days, or even weeks of torture dreading your commitment. Get intentional with your time and find the courage to sit in the awkwardness of the answer no. After some practice, you'll be the master of no.

Find Quiet

Even if this elusive place only exists inside of your mind. Take a moment to connect with the quiet that exists when we slow down and take deeper breaths. These small moments communicate to the intelligence of our nervous system that this is a safe place to slow down and rest. Each breath you take is reassurance that all is well. It may help if you attach a mantra to your breath or a simple counting of each cycle, even on both sides of the breath.


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