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Dear Passionate Wild One

You will have moments of doubt, GIANT, HUGE, ENGULFING moments of doubt, as you go on this journey.

It’s ok to be confused, and it’s ok to say you’re scared. This work is scary. And, this work is rewarding. It can also be defeating when we base who we are on what others tell us we should be.

We won’t all have supportive families that walk alongside us through these shadows of doubt. We might actually have family, with our best interest at heart, tell us we should wait or conform.

These are the moments that determine our success. Yes, energy workers are ALLOWED to be successful. We’re good at what we do and the work we do is IMPORTANT.

I know it can feel like it’s not important because you were born with this gift. But, sweet child, you were born with it because you are meant to be one of the LEADERS that awaken the tribe. Leaders have to be courageous, determined and resilient. You’re in training. Don’t forget this.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this - YOU have to support YOU. YOU have to believe in YOU. Your family and friends will eventually match your vibration, once you believe in YOURSELF. Once you believe in yourself, it leaves no room for negotiation. NONE.

Are they mean? No. Do they care? Yes. But, their fear, isn’t our fear. And, their path, isn’t our path.

Let me tell you a little about me.

I was married very young. I knew I had this gift but we were VERY conservative. He knew I had it, too, but again, very conservative. I wanted to explore it, but I was fearful. I opened up about it in our relationship and we didn’t want others to know, so I allowed my dream and myself to die a little.

When my marriage broke apart, I started to explore my gift. I leaned into it as a source of safety. It was still there. It had been with me all along. My children were fascinated and their dad even seemed open to it at the time. Things were changing.

Then things changed, again! Ha. You have to keep believing...

But, I couldn’t make it work financially. I still lacked the belief that I was worthy in this role.

I went and got a “normal job” and convinced myself I was happy until I was laid off. Thank you, UNIVERSE. You freed me from another death. The death of who I really am.

As I grew in my client studies, it was reinforced back to me over and over again, that this was a CALLING. This was MY WORK. I started to see myself differently. I saw myself as a leader in understanding and communicating energy. I saw my true essence emerge. I felt INSPIRED and ALIVE.

My dad still continued to send me “regular jobs” from Indeed. I allowed that for some time. It wasn’t from a place of disrespect, they want us to be safe and secure. It is not up to anyone else to understand your calling, but, it is up to us to set our boundaries. Boundary setting works inside and outside of energetic practice, and truth be told, our disbelieving families are our greatest teachers. They test our RESOLVE and WILL. They test your conviction to your calling. It is actually really beautiful, frustrating and timely.

Fast forward to many boundaries set, I have a friend group that supports me, a large client base that trusts me and a family that accepts me.

Heck, my mom made me cry the other day with her support. I was being interviewed about my work and she sent a text that said - and after that interview, nothing will be the same. She believes in me (definitely crying now).

And, I believe in ME. It aligns with who I am. This is my purpose. This is my path. This is my mission.

Believe in yourself. Even when no one else does. Keep believing.


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