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The Priestess Is Calling


She doesn’t call to everyone.

She calls to women who are ready to set aside their formed identities in place of who they truly are.

She calls to women who know that carrying the pain of disowning who she is, is harder than saying - I am this, I did this, or this happened to me.

She is only heard by those that are ready.

Ready to do the deep dives with other women.

This means that she is so f*cking over pretending, and only ever really being herself when she’s alone.

This means that she is willing to witness another woman's worst pain, worst shame and receive it only at the level of the heart.

She’s got you.

She sees nothing other than love.

You might get triggered, that’s for darn sure.

But, that’s where you’ll heal.

Because you’ll finally know that you are safe to be all of who you are.

You don’t have to hide.

You don’t have to people please.

You get to be loved for your presence.

For your heart.

For the way you show up and energetically spread your arms around the whole circle to let them know you’re REALLY here.

You don’t think about how their story is worse than your own, and that makes you feel good for a second.

No, you think about how you cannot believe you get to see someone be so vulnerable, so raw, so REAL.

You think about how you don’t feel alone right in this moment.

How you feel like you can finally see.

That’s what you’re thinking about.

You’re thinking about this beautiful person, with a heartbeat just like yours, and ears that hear the same symphonies and you know that no matter what - you’ll always have this moment of connection and you can remember it at any time.

If you’ve ever sat in a circle (and, I mean, REALLY sat in circle), you’ve experienced this.

It’s not for the everyone.

It’s for the ones who want to feel fully human.

It’s where we step into our own sovereign strength, own who we are, and we commit to being in this space with each other together.

We commit to ourselves, that no matter how hard you fight yourself through the 10 months, you’ll choose you.

And, when you can’t find it in you to choose yourself, you choose the women who want nothing but the best for you.

You choose to see your programming, and undo it.

You step into the power of being truly, fully, human.

Not robots pretending to be human, like we are.


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