The Priestess Is Calling


She doesn’t call to everyone.

She calls to women who are ready to set aside their formed identities in place of who they truly are.

She calls to women who know that carrying the pain of disowning who she is, is harder than saying - I am this, I did this, or this happened to me.

She is only heard by those that are ready.

Ready to do the deep dives with other women.

This means that she is so f*cking over pretending, and only ever really being herself when she’s alone.

This means that she is willing to witness another woman's worst pain, worst shame and receive it only at the level of the heart.

She’s got you.

She sees nothing other than love.

You might get triggered, that’s for darn sure.

But, that’s where you’ll heal.

Because you’ll finally know that you are safe to be all of who you are.

You don’t have to hide.

You don’t have to people please.