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Updated: Mar 26

5 reasons why a yoga retreat might be just what you’re looking for

Yoga retreats come in many different formats and styles, make sure you resonate with the style of the retreat before you sign up. Take a look for their schedule, research the teachers and see if you feel a connection with the theme.

If you’re still on the fence about joining a yoga retreat, here are 5 great reasons why you should:

  1. If you’re traveling solo, a yoga retreat is an amazing option. You’ll have a built in group of like-minded people and a schedule to fill out your day. This would be my number one reason for going. The chance to make new friends, get out of your comfort zone and explore the destination as well as who you are away from all of your routines.

  2. You want to do something different with a friend. Maybe you’re over the drink, eat, sleep style of vacation and want to build a deeper bond and connection through shared experiences. A yoga retreat is perfect for friends who are seasoned yogis and those who are just getting started.

  3. It could be the experience of a lifetime. If you’ve never done anything like this before and you love yoga, going on a retreat is a perfect way to develop a stronger practice and explore other areas including the destination as well as within your body.

  4. If you’re going through significant change, a yoga retreat is a soft place to land while you find your bearings. This can assist you in releasing stuck emotions, old patterns of behavior and finding peace through transition

  5. Let yourself be. Unplug. Give yourself permission to be where you are without thinking of where you should be. To have built into a daily schedule moments of mindfulness if this is a new practice for you. To be with other humans who are doing the same work and will support you in this concept that is becoming increasingly foreign to us - rest.

If you’re currently looking for a yoga retreat, check out Bliss State Retreats for deep connection, rest and remembering. A woman's retreat for like minded, high vibrational women who are walking the healing path alongside me.


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