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The energy of your personality sits in your cells without any logical memory of it. You still hold the charge, but don't have access to the memory of why.

Some would call this “working with past lives”, but I don’t see it that way.

I call it “working with what is”.

We are always working within this life. It’s where we are. It’s intentional that we are here, and not “there”.

Everything that we heal here vibrates across time and space. You don’t need to go back to the memory to release it, you just have to feel into your pain, your emotions, listen to your heart, heal what you can that’s present for you right now, in this life.

I have a personal opinion that working with past lives is harmful.

I know this might trigger some of you, and that’s ok.

It’s ok to be triggered because that’s where our opportunity for healing arrives.

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable. Discomfort holds so many teachings.

Discomfort is where we greet our Spirit selves that lays dormant when the human is in control. It awakens only when we move into surrender and truly witness ourselves and what is happening.

Why I think it’s harmful, is that, once again, it’s telling us that our healing is not in our hands, but in the hands of another. In this case, your past self from a past life.

It embodies the energy of suffering by not being present with what is happening right here in this life. And, it’s also ripping you off of being here. Right now. Which should piss you off.

Why do we need to chase what has already happened, when something equally as important is happening now.

You are gifted this opportunity to heal all versions of yourself forward and back by doing the work right here, right now. You don’t need to time travel, you don’t need a guide or guru. You are enough.

Our past lives are stored within this current template. You don’t even have to try to look for it, it’s all right here in front of you. It’s why you do what you do, without knowing why. It’s why you crave the kind of love you do. It’s why you have flashbacks or inner knowings of something you’ve never seen.

You are always connected. The only separateness that exists is in your head.

Your heart knows.

Your thinking brain is the bouncer at the portal to consciousness. You can’t think of something you haven’t learned.

This is why meditation is so powerful.

When you are quiet and watching the mind, you are present with the power that is within and all around you.

You are having a conversation with Source.

All that is.

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1 Comment

I like this. I was told by a 102yr old man this week that the secret to a life of contentment is never look back, no matter what the decision is, accept it and move forward

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