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How Not To Make It Weird

A modern guide to owning who you are in any situation

First: If it’s weird, it’s because you let it be.

Our energy, and how we perceive ourselves, influences how others perceive us. If we are unsure about who we are, think we’re weird or less worthy, this will translate through your energetic biography.

If you want to be taken seriously, be respected, and seen as valid, you must first see yourself that way.

This is possibly the most difficult, yet simple step. It takes deep diving into your beliefs and rewriting them for how you want to live your life

Second: Know your audience

Don’t waste your time, breath and energy on sharing everything about yourself, how you perceive the world, and your beliefs, with someone who is uninterested.

The only way these types of people can access your self worth and start to make you feel weird is if you are forcing a conversation that isn’t meant to be happening.

Yes, you should always own who you are, but you should also protect your energy and worth at all costs.

Third: Integrate who you are and what you believe in a way that is digestible

You can still be all of who you are and not share all of who you are. Not everyone deserves that.

You share enough to make people curious, and then allow them to lead the convo. Let people become interested on their own.

Fourth: Everything is Energy

Energy goes where attention flows.

If you believe you are weird, unwanted, or out of place, that is true.

If you believe you are valid, respected and worthy, that is also true.

Want to listen? Check out this episode on Spotify with The Embodied Femme


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