I Suck At Meditating

Do you ever feel like you suck at meditating? me, too.

If we take away the right and wrongs, the do's and don'ts, all we would be left with is this - do nothing. This is a technique that is practiced by the Buddhists and offers you the freedom to allow the mind to wander, but, not become the mind. That's it. That's all.

Sounds simple? Let's complicate it for a minute and look at what's going on behind the surface of your meditation.

The mind is a worker bee. Its existence is only validated when it is doing, so, it is constantly doing. But, what exactly is it doing? We don't often take time to sit with ourselves in external silence and body stillness. When we do, we are met with the perfect opportunity to simply observe the mind and what it is doing for us all day long.

What I like most about this technique is how it offered me the freedom to really be.

Here's how I meditate, right or wrong, this is what I do and I have had some incredible insights that are gifts from the Universe:

First thing in the morning, upon waking, I get up and head to the washroom. After I'm done, I come back to bed and lay down in a position that is supportive and comfortable enough for 15 minutes. (I set a timer to track time)

Once I lay down, I take a