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Success and failure are inexplicably linked. They cannot, and will not, be experienced separately.

So, if you’re wondering why you’ve been resisting success all this time, the answer probably lies within failure.

You haven’t let yourself fail.

You haven’t trusted yourself to fail.

You haven’t allowed yourself to be fully seen, risking the great refusal.

But, it hasn’t worked.

We will all face refusal in our lifetimes.

We will all experience rejection.

Gut wrenching, heartbreaking….rejection.

There’s no easy way around it.

Whether you’ve kept yourself tucked away, hiding your talents and gift from the world, or whether you have shown up and fallen flat on your face publicly.

You’ve been refusing yourself, or you’ve been refused by the world.

Just like you can’t have one without the other, you can’t stay safe, and have success.

You have to trust yourself to fail and recover, as many times as it’s needed (which could look like a lot….but, damn, it’s magic).

You steady yourself, love yourself, tend to your ego, and let Spirit show you the way, again and again and again.

Once you taste the freedom of success, you’ll know that this whole failure thing is 10000000% worth it.

Failure leads you to greater clarity.

It clears out the clutter.

It steadies your focus.

It tests you.

It tries you.

And, it asks you to prove you’re worthy of it, which is something only you can decide.

So, if you’re struggling with the idea of success, ask yourself this question:

  1. Am I ready to fail for it?

If you are curious how to create a new inner dialogue that will help you master the fear of failure, The Portal - Yoga Nidra Training, changed my entire, ENTIRE life. I stopped apologizing for my existence and you can, too.

(Side note- have you ever noticed how much we apologize for simply taking up a bit of space…….mind blowing)

From a grateful heart,



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