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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

I’ve been trying really hard to stay motivated as a small business owner.

For the most part, I’m in it alone.

My closest people, the ones who I let see everything, really don’t understand a lot about what I do. Sometimes, I don’t understand what it is I really do.

This week has been one of those weeks.

Today, I did a candle gazing meditation, and THANK YOU SPIRIT.

It was everything that I needed.

The candle told me a story, my story, and it reinforced what my son and I were just talking about, when you show up in the public eye.

It can be hard when you have haters, even just one tiny little hater, can break your heart, Spirit and ego.

Sure, you put up a wall of steel, but their voices still seem to ring the loudest.

The candle told me a story today and it said - keep going.

When I first lit it, it burned so high and bright. There were little pieces of flame shooting up into the sky, escaping the community of the larger flame. Then, it became so low, that it seemed like the flame was going to snuff itself out.

It really struggled to get back to its full strength and rise, but it did.

Slowly, it began to become more and more steady, the height, although not as high, was strong, independent.

No more little flames pulling away, it was sovereign.

In that moment, I realized that the candle was telling me a lot about what it’s like to become an entrepreneur.

In the beginning, everyone supports you. This is your most favored time (if you're starting up, use this momentum). You have the support of everyone around you, and it seems like everyone wants to see you succeed.

But, over time, a lot of those people move on, leave your circle, and your old life becomes less and less familiar, just like the little flames that parted from the big flame.

This can feel really isolating and you might begin to wonder, is it even worth it?

And then, all of a sudden, something happens to remind you that what you are doing is important.

It’s not just important for you, but all of those who are watching you.

The ones looking for their own encouragement, and the ones who are waiting for you to fail. Those ones need you to succeed the most. You’re a bar of measurement.

Everyone in the beginning cheers you on, but it’s right now when you need it the most. Oh, the irony!

The ones that have been doing it a while, they’re the real warriors. Right now, they might need to be reminded to just keep going.

If that’s you - I see you, sweet soul. I feel you. And, I’m right here with you.

I hope that this message from Spirit, through the language of fire, reminds you just how important you are and that what you're doing is special, and I pray that you have the “audacity'' to keep going and follow every whim of your heart.

This is the moment.


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