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In fact, focusing on it, probably is.

I don’t talk about money very often, and there’s a very good reason.

It’s not the problem, you are.

Money is an inherently neutral energy, that only becomes charged with the frequency of lack when it’s layered with all the limiting beliefs you’ve bestowed upon it.

Money is neutral. It’s like the color beige. Nothing incredible about it, that is, until you decide it’s incredible. And, once you decide it’s incredible, it becomes out of reach, because, well….limiting beliefs.

Understanding limiting beliefs is the key to changing your frequency to attract instead of repel. You’ll see this in relationships as well. It’s insidious. Like all limiting beliefs, they reside just out of reach from consciousness. Meaning, that unless you’re trained to hold conscious awareness, you’ll likely be operating from the subconscious.

Putting your pants on, driving your car, thinking the same thoughts, making the same choices....

If you desire your current reality to change, YOU have to change. You have to do the deep dives into your unconscious and subconscious minds. YOU have to begin to recognize the patterning and habitual thinking that is keeping you separate from something as neutral as money.

You might be thinking I’m some kind of whack job, and that’s ok. That’s your fear talking. How could it be that easy?

I’ve been working my whole life and haven’t much to show for it, or….everytime I think I’m getting ahead, it all crumbles down.

That’s because you can’t outwork, or outsmart, your frequency. If your frequency is - I’m not worthy, that's like a strong broadcast signal out to the Universe, and everyone who meets you.

Why does this happen?

Well, it’s kind of simple.

Society as a whole, functions at a higher rate with worker bees. If there were too many people who have the frequency - I’m worthy, who would be working for you, for me, for Nike, for the fortune 500’s?

Society has a brilliant plan set up, and you happen to fall into the worker category.

You have been told all your life by your parents, your teachers, your school, your friends, that life is hard, and in order to get anywhere, you have to work twice as hard. What a masterful plan!

Meanwhile, those who are born into the frequency - I am worthy, reap the insane benefits of all your hard work, without even a second thought. Don’t hate on these people, they can’t understand why you struggle so hard. THEY were born into the frequency - there is always enough. It was drilled into them that they could have, and achieve, whatever they wanted, and $1 was equal to $1mil.

Imagine from a baby, you were told of your infinite possibilities....

Those infinite possibilities are STILL THERE. They are still very much a reality if you shift your limiting beliefs to a new story.

How do I do that, Melanie? You make it sound so easy. I’m actually quite triggered right now because you don’t understand all my struggles, and it seems like you’ve had life handed to you on a silver platter. How could YOU possibly know me or my story?

I’ve lived your story. I’ve lived your story and devoted my life to doing the work that allows me to RECEIVE. Mind you, I have had different aspects of this show up in my life, but as an adult, my ability to receive money has been built and expanded upon tenfold.

I can still remember the look on the bank tellers face when I went in to pay my mortgage off. She was in her 50’s, and when she looked up at me, she said “must be nice”. I hadn’t thought much of it. I always planned to be mortgage free on my first house by the time I was 35, and I did it. I did it with significant savings in the bank. Now, I’m making myself even more un-relatable to you, but I’m about to get real.

There was a time when we had less than $5 in our bank at payday. I had us budgeted to a science, we were in a severe state of lack and, honestly, felt like a victim to the Universe.

Why was it so easy for everyone, and not for me? Why couldn’t I be free like everyone else?

That right there ^^^^. That was part of the problem. I was focused on what I didn’t have. I was focused on what others had. This changes your frequency BIG TIME.

I don’t know how I learned to do this, I don’t know how I learn to do a lot of things.

But, one day, I said “no more”. I began to visualize and work my ass off to create what I thought was impossible. I went ALL IN on me and my partner, and it paid off BIG TIME. I didn’t see the opportunity for failure. Everytime we hit a fork in the road, I knew there was a greater gift coming, and I have been living that life since 2006.

I know all about working hard, I know all about not having any money, and I also know all about the frequency of lack.

Like attracts Like.

So, if you want something, you have to become it. You can’t be registered for courses that focus solely on earning money, money is a BY-PRODUCT of the deep internal work that is SO MUCH more rewarding than money.


Back to how does this happen? How do I change my frequency so I can become a boss ass human being?

You’ve got to go into the subconscious.

It’s the aspect of ourselves that is almost invisible to us, but VERY noticeable to others.

If you’re in a bad relationship frequency, you’ll notice that this is like the scent that attracts the next bad relationship. And, this same practice works for healing all relationships, not just money.

Stored in your subconscious is the programming - I’m not worthy.

When did you decide that, who knows? But, I know if you’re reading this, it’s there.

You have to go to the root of all your triggers, and find out what it truly is that’s under there.

This is UNCOMFORTABLE work, at best, but the freedom and liberation that comes will not only affect your bank account, it will impact literally every aspect of your life.

Money is not what you want.

What you are craving is to be validated, and why you’re craving that is because you aren’t doing that for yourself.

Why you aren’t doing that for yourself is that this programming runs DEEP.

It runs so deep that you can’t consciously access it, you can’t shift it from the same state you’re in right now.

The pathway I took is to do nothing. That’s right. DO NOTHING.

The practice that I teach, and I teach this in such a profound and life-changing way, will have your conscious awareness increase tenfold.

This is Yoga Nidra.

A sacred practice that accesses the subconscious, and unconscious mind.

I may have lost some of you here because you still believe this has to be hard. But, if you’re still here, I’ve got more.

It isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. It’s UNCOMFORTABLE.

It’s uncomfortable because once you have awareness of your own programming, you can’t help but see how it’s been YOU standing in the way. It’s been you throwing down roadblocks, and blowing up things that would elevate you to the next frequency, the frequency of I AM WORTHY.

It’s hard to look at these things.

That’s why it’s called the shadow.

It’s with you wherever you go, sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t, but it’s always, ALWAYS there.

The practice of Yoga NIdra changed my relationship with myself so that I could receive love. I had already received money, but what I was really looking for was love. And, love was what I wasn’t giving myself.

This showed up in all my choices.

I was so resistant to the thing that I craved the most.

It can change your life, too. But, it can’t change anything if you don’t practice it from a place of understanding, awareness and without the help of a great guide.

If that guide is me, I am honored. If you find another amazing guide (I know a few), you are in good hands. This practice is medicine for you, and like all medicine you can choose to take it, or not.

Want to go all in? Take the 3 month program The Portal

Want to dip your toes? Take the 4 hour workshop Dear Shadow (pm me for deets)


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